Seasonal Sweeping

At this time of year a regular chore is sweeping up fallen leaves, especially those from the walnut tree.

While I’m sweeping I collect fallen walnuts and feijoas, which gives me a feeling of harvest satisfaction.  I’ve been making feijoa and ginger loaves, and giving away the remains of last year’s walnut harvest.

What harvest is your garden producing just now?

“I pick up feijoa and nut
you’d almost say we have a glut.”


Press Lane Picture

An artist is slowly creating a mural on the side of Press Lane.  A man nearby told us she comes each day and adds a bit more to this picture of early Pakeha settlement.  I look forward to seeing the finished work.

“Another mural on its way
what will it finally portray?”

Lil’Ruby is a cafe inside the Fresh Choice Supermarket at The Crossing.  It offers a good range of cabinet food, and the opportunity to sit at long tables, something I like because it means you can interact with other customers.

Ruth at Lil’Ruby

I was concerned that their food was served on paper plates, with a plastic knife and plastic butter container.  On inquiry, the staff member assured me it was all recycled, but I wonder….

Plastic knife and butter container, and paper plate

I wanted to check their pile of reading matter, and to do this I needed to go through the Supermarket door.  I then found I had to go past the checkouts to get back to my seat on the other side of the table.  Lil’Ruby staff squeezed between the table and wall, which wasn’t easy.  The reading matter, apart from today’s “Press” consisted a range of glossy cook books.  Stephen was glad to use the camera to capture a couple of recipes.  This cafe, with its view of the attractive supermarket, is a lively place, and the scone tasted good.

“Lil’Ruby’s a fun place to go
with lots to see both to and fro.”


Autumn Garden Show

Yesterday was perfect weather for the Autumn Garden Show in the Botanic Gardens, and there were many interesting things to see.  I liked the nostalgia of Bill and Ben, the Flower Pot Men.  Didn’t see Little Weed.

Ben and Bill

Jenny Gillies’ floral creations were on show:

Fuschia and Poppy

Watering can and Iris

Many groups had displays, including the Christchurch Community Gardens’ Association

Christchurch Community Gardens’ Association

The Canterbury Horticultural Society had a stall where you could buy an attractive posy for just $5.  Next to them was this collection of teapots with teabag trees.

Teapots with teabag trees

“So much to see and all for free
some open air, some in marquee.”




Rejected Rack?

This toast rack was sitting outside the fence at Pomeroys on Kilmore Boutique B & B.  Continental breakfast is available here.  Did a guest in a hurry rush out and take the toast rack with them?  Or maybe ‘souvenired’ the toast rack and then thought better of it?

“You’d think that they might take it back
this sad abandoned lone toast rack.”

Pointing Pooch

This dog stands in the William Guise Brittan Historical Garden on the corner of Fitzgerald Avenue and Avonside Drive.  Although I walk past here weekly I hadn’t noticed it before.   Maybe William had a pointer?

“I wonder why this sculptured dog?
If you know please tell me on blog.”

Puss’s Plate

The car with this number plate was ahead of us in Moorhouse Avenue.  The photo’s a bit blurred because I took it through our windscreen (Stephen was driving).   It’s the first time I’ve noticed a four-door Smart Car, and wonder whether the extra space is for the convenience of feline passengers?

“This car does not go bow-wow-wow
it clearly states that I MEOW”