Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash was a new vegetable to us.  Have you tasted it?  In the supermarket they were reduced from $6.50 to $2, and Stephen thought he’d like to try stuffing it.  He removed the seeds, filled it with a mixture of chicken, lentils, and spices, and baked it.

We were impressed that the cooked flesh of the squash appeared in fine strips, very like spaghetti, but easier to manage.  This is certainly something we’ll buy again.

“This vege’s an amazing thing
when cooked the flesh makes a thin string.”


Night Noises

There was lots of noise outside as workers unloaded signs and closed lanes with road cones.

Night time manoeuvres

I wondered what was happening, and went out and asked.  I was informed that they were replacing the traffic lights at the Barbadoes/Kilmore Streets corner, and, sure enough, this morning the new lights were in place and working.

New traffic lights today

I wasn’t aware there was anything wrong with the old lights, but I guess there must have been.

“The noise that we heard in the night
was people fixing traffic light.”



Sheep Shift

Our missing sheep has kindly been replaced.  Where once was a yellow sheep, now there’s a green.

“Our yellow sheep is now a green
addition to the streetside scene.’

Library Lounger

A ‘Tree Hill’ has sprouted beside our Book Fridge.

It bears resemblance to the Tree Hill that was formerly on the corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace,  but ours has lounging seats for those who want to browse the books.   The other one was self-watering with water stores and pumps underneath.  I wonder if this one has the same amenities?  Thanks to Christchurch City Council and Greening the Rubble for this addition to our book corner.

“If you would like to read a book
you could lounge in this new green nook.”

Floral Friday

Just one late hollyhock is flowering now.  As the others died off I have spread their seeds, and there are tiny hollyhock plants in many spots.  I hope they will survive the winter and flower in spring.  In the meantime I’m enjoying this latecomer.

The ancient Egyptians made wreaths of hollyhock which were buried with mummies, indicating that in that culture, the plant had connotations with the circle of life, leading the dead into their new lives.  It’s likely the hollyhock came to Europe from the Middle East with crusaders returning from the holy wars, around the year 1500, and it quickly became a staple of mediaeval gardens.  During the Tudor era, hollyhocks were used to prevent miscarriages, by steeping the blooms in wine.  Difficult labours were soothed by ingesting hollyhock shoots, and babies used to chew on them to soothe the teething process.

“Just now there’s one lone hollyhock
next summer there could be a flock.”

Home Harvest

Today I picked the apples from our Blush Babe tree.

Blush Babes

Half a dozen had already fallen, and there were nine left.

Apple harvest

The tree was planted five years ago and I’d hoped we might have had a bigger harvest by now, but the fruit are superb, crisp and juicy.  When we first moved here there was an old apple tree which fruited abundantly.  In April 2007 we picked 26 kilos in one day and they lasted us all winter.  I don’t think today’s harvest will last very long, but we will enjoy them.

“The flavour of them is just beaut
and we will relish all these fruit.”

Musical Meal

Sunday Dinner at Trenches had the added bonus of live music from Janice Gray and her boys.  Trenches Restaurant is at the newly rebuilt Christchurch R.S.A., somewhere we probably wouldn’t have ventured without the lure of music.

Janice Gray and Boys

Janice’s ‘Boys’ are Bob Heinz on guitar, and Mike Kime on double bass.  The crowd were all seniors, and thoroughly enjoyed the familiar tunes, along with patter in Janice’s inimitable style.  We also enjoyed Neville Wilkins’ trumpet playing.

The food was good and reasonably priced.  It would have been even cheaper if we’d been RSA members.

I wondered if soemone would recite the Ode “They shall not grow old …..”.  I thought this was done every evening at every RSA, but there was no sign of it.

“I do like music with my dinner
and Janice Gray’s always a winner.”