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Our beautiful autumn trees demonstrate that summer is over.  The evenings are darker now Daylight Saving Time has finished, and the lighter mornings  are welcome.

We’ve had cold days and evenings where we’ve needed the heat pump on to keep us cosy.  However today has been one of Indian Summer.  A high of 26 degrees meant we could have breakfast and lunch outside.  I worked in the garden clearing away plants that have done their dash, and welcoming spring bulbs that are already pushing through.  Ipheions and Muscari are well on their way to brighten the colder days.

Although we’ve not felt winter’s sting
already there are signs of spring.

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Easter is a spring celebration of fertility and rebirth.  In autumnal Aotearoa, beset by the winds and rain of Cyclone Cook, it’s the wrong time for this festival.  Spring for us is months away, despite pots of daffodils being offered in the supermarket.

In the Southern Hemisphere this is a time of dying.  During the last week I’ve spoken at the funeral of a loved friend, and there have been two other deaths in my wider circle.  The demise of John Clarke/Fred Dagg was a poignant reminder of the Easter death of my brother, who also died while bushwalking in the Grampians.

The rich colours of the trees around me are a sure sign that the wheel of the year is turning, and a poem by Nancy Wood is brought to mind:

“You shall ask
What good are dead leaves
And I will tell you
They nourish the sore earth
You shall ask
What reason is there for winter
And I will tell you
To bring about new leaves
You shall ask
Why are the leaves so green
And I will tell you
Because they are rich with life
You shall ask
Why must summer end
And I will tell you
So that the leaves can die.”


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Autumnal Arbor

Red and gold trees are everywhere at present, and they frame the rebuild.

BNZ demolition framed by trees


New Central Library framed by trees


New Oxford Terrace Baptist Church framed by trees


Colourful trees close to home


“In every direction I see
a red or gold autumnal tree.”


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This is the season of Last Light, Halloween, Samhain, and yet the colours are so rich and golden it seems almost impossible that winter is near.  The daily sunshine comes directly through the windows, highlighting the need for window-washing, but who can be bothered with mundane chores when out-of-doors is so beguiling?

Autumn colour #1 (Small)

It is the dying time of year, and in the last week two acquaintances have died.  I am reminded that the day I finished paid employment was the 23rd anniversary of the day my brother died.  This is the time when the veil between the worlds is thin.  We remember our beloved dead and the wisdom they left with us.

It’s also a time of transformation, of moving from the old into the new.  I’m experimenting with new routines, setting new goals.  Last night I played cards with a local group.  Today I met with a play reading group at the WEA, where we read a play by Joseph Conrad that was unfamiilar to me.  It’s good to learn new things, and to have such opportunities available in the central city.  I’m enjoying the new freedom and the chance to cycle.

Winter will inevitably come, bringing colder times and the need to stay inside and keep warm.  Until then we can continue to enjoy these golden autumn days.

Autumn colour #3 (Small)

“The winter time is almost nigh
and nature has begun to die.”

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Leaves that fall from the cherry tree have made striking patterns on the asphalt footpath.

Leaf pattern

Leaf pattern

I imagine this may be because this patch of asphalt is very new, so the sun burns the pattern of the leaves into it. Maybe the ubiquitous demolition dust is involved.  I haven’t seen this phenomenon before.  Have you?

“As each leaf drops down from the tree
the path is marked with filigree.”

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This tree’s golden leaves brightened a damp day.

Autumn Tree (Small)

“Our leaves take on a different hue
and signal summer’s truly through”



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Yesterday’s sunset was spectacular, over a nor-west arch.

Sunday's sunset

Sunday’s sunset

As the sun went down the wind came up and we could hear the noise of autumn leaves skittering along the road.

“Nor-wester brought more ripe leaves down
and sent them scooting all round town.”

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Autumn on Avon

From our cottage we have a beautiful view of the mature autumn trees along the riverbank.

We’re lucky that the field between has been bare since 1996.  With the land now zoned TC3 it’s unlikely that it will be built on any time soon.

“We have this lovely view of trees
with leaves that shimmer in the breeze.”

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Christchurch is experiencing a most beautiful autumn, with April temperatures the warmest  for twenty-four years.

View from our side gate

The colours of the autumn leaves are quite breath-taking.  Last week we had visitors from the North island who’d never seen such seasonal splendour.  As I walk around town, there’s the continual pleasure of crunching leaves underfoot.

“The autumns hues of red and gold
are quite amazing to behold.”

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