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Recent rain has encoraged the growth of fungi, and there were lots on the path to the beach.

Dark toadstool


Golden toadstools


Twin toadstools

Orange toadstools

Back home, there’s a small colony at the back of the garden.

Cottage toadstools

I can’t identify any of these,  and I definitely won’t be sampling them.

“It seems to me that only fools
would try to eat these odd toadstools.”


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24 hours after the patio was flooded, we were breakfasting outside in 20 degree sunshine.  Our weather is certainly changeable!  Now that we’ve stepped aside from paid work, every day is a holiday, but we can’t help joining in the general pleasure of a holiday weekend.  For Easter Saturday Stephen made us a special breakfast of Oefs en Cocotte.

Chicken and mushroom, together with a baked egg, make this especially delicious.  We sipped our tea or coffee, leisurely read the “Press’, and thought lazily about how we might spend the rest of the day.  I hope my readers are all enjoying their Easter break.  Great to hear that so many volunteers are helping those in the Bay of Plenty to sort out the aftermath of Cuclone Cook.

“Although each day’s a holiday
today’s a special time to play.”

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Continual rain overnight (thanks to Cyclone Cook) meant that our patio was flooded when we got up this morning.

Patio Pond

We’ve not seen it like this before.  There was 40mm of rain overnight, and the ground underneath must still be saturated from the previous week’s rain.  Luckily it’s draining now the rain has eased.  The river was also high, and was over its banks in several places.

Avon/Otakaro near Barbadoes Street Bridge

It’s flowed onto Fitzgerald Avenue near the Kilmore Street intersection.  We’ve been spared the high winds that have caused problems in the North Island, and a fine afternoon is forecast.

“I’ll stay inside, the river’s high
and I want to keep warm and dry.’


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Cute Cat

Ziggy looks sweet sitting with his paws crossed.

Sometimes he just lays it all out.

“Our Ziggy is a charming cat
with paws crossed or when laid out flat.”

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I put the bedside clock back one hour before I went to bed last night.  This morning we’ve been busy re-setting a number of clocks.  Just the cellphone and the cordless phone to go now.  At least we don’t have the mammoth task the caretakers of Stonehenge had last week when they moved to British Summer Time.

Photo courtesy of U.K. National Trust

“We only need to change the clocks
don’t have to relocate large rocks.”

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Oh, the woe, when I couldn’t download e-mails!  E-mail is my preferred form of electronic communication.  I rarely use texts or Facebook chat.  I’d downloaded e-mails around 5pm, but when I went to check again after 8pm Outlook kept asking me for my User ID and password.  No matter how often I put these in, the request kept popping up again.  My internet access was working and I went to webmail, with a similar result.  I tried a different browser, and reset my p.c. – all to no avail.  Stephen’s e-mail was not affected, so it was a mystery.  After I turned the computer off I remembered that Saturday evening 25 March was Earth Hour.  Was it possible that someone/something was telling me I shouldn’t be using electricity at that time?  This morning my e-mail is its usual efficient self, so who knows?  Did anyone else have problems accessing Clear/Vodafone e-mail last evening?

T-shirt from the first Christchurch Earth Hour in 2008

“Why should my e-mail have turned sour
perhaps cos I forgot Earth Hour?”





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A sign saying ‘footpath closed’ was in my way as I walked to the Book Fridge yesterday.  I’d already jaywalked across the road, and along this ‘closed’ footpath before I got to the sign, so I ignored it, as I do many others of the same ilk.

On my second trip to the fridge (I’m decluttering), as I went to cross the road a man in a high vis vest came running towards me, waving his arms to deter me.  He assured me that it was illegal for me to cross near my house and there was dangerous work going on that meant I could be killed.  The work was concrete cutters on the opposite footpath, and a noisy suction truck.

I queried how it could be more dangerous for me to cross and walk along a footpath where I would be further from the work than I was standing at my front gate, and he said “it just is”.  When I persisted he told me I would be acting illegally to cross there (which I do several times a week).  He said I might die, and it was his job to stop me crossing, otherwise he would be responsible for any consquences.  I then queried the fact that a car was parked beside that very same ‘closed’ footpath, and he replied that it had been there all day – presumably that meant it wasn’t in danger!  While we spoke a woman drove up and parked her car beside the path outside Piko (on yellow lines).  He said this was illegal, but didn’t make any attempt to stop her.

I dutifully walked up to the corner and crossed on the pedestrian crossing, and later observed others using the ‘closed’ path without being accosted.

It is this kind of officiousness that has been annoying so many people during the central city rebuild.   I appreciate this man had health and safety obligations, but he needs to have a logical explanation rather than saying “it just is”.  During the night there were continual noises, and this morning the footpath is clear once more.

“I’m sick and tired of road restrictions
and these unneeded path evictions.”

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