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I wanted a good photo of Stephen and me to use on our seasonal greeting card.  We went outside and stood beside the Uetersen climbing rose which is flowering beautifully at present.  I took a couple of selfie snaps, then a women walking by stopped to say how much she admired our cottage and garden.  She was a stranger, but I thought ‘why not’, and asked if she’d mind taking our photo.  (I’m never very confident about selfies.)  She snapped several which show the rose to advantage, but in the end I decided to use one of the selfies, because they are closer and show our faces better.

Photo taken by a passing stranger

I cleverly managed to write a message on the chosen photo (programme available through MS Office), then went to Smith’s City to get some prints.  Their prices are half those of Warehouse Stationery, they’re not nearly as busy, and the woman staff member was most helpful.  When I received the prints, the bottom where I’d written the message had been cropped, which was disappointing.  I pointed this out and they redid them, uncropped, for no extra charge.   They’ll be my photo printers of choice from now on.

‘It’s really not so very hard
to make a special greeting card.’


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Beltane at the start of November is a time of renewal,  the maiden entering menarche and becoming a woman.  Warm weather makes us want to throw off the outer layers and dance around the maypole.

We can celebrate the profusion of flowers as the earth bursts with new growth.  I’ve felt a renewed surge of creativity as I plan for a Women’s Spirituality Gathering next week.   What new ideas are developing within you?

‘Beltane’s the time for something new
that has not happened hitherto.’


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Floral Friday

Cecile Brunner

The first Cecile Brunner rose has flowered.  This rose was bred in France in 1881 by Marie Ducher.   I pruned it heavily in July, and now it’s covered in buds.

Dublin Bay

The Dublin Bay has also produced its first bloom, although this one is not as perfect.  This rose was bred in New Zealand 1975 by Samuel McGredy.  It was one of three roses named after the bays of Ireland.

Lilies of the valley

In the back garden lilies of the valley have spread widely, and are starting to flower.  Their scent is exquisite, so I needed to bring a little bunch inside.

‘Our garden now is full of flowers
they benefit from sun and showers.’



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Our cherry tree is covered in beautiful blossoms.  It’s such a pleasure to see, and there’s the promise of lovely fruit at the end of the year – yum!


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We took a detour around Hagley Park to view the cherry blossoms.  Both Harper Avenue and Riccarton Avenue are spectacular in today’s sunshine.

Although this show lasts only about a week it is breathtaking and well worth a detour.

‘There’s nothing like a flowering cherry
to make you feel springlike and merry.’

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This family with seven ducklings was swimming in the Avon/Otakaro river just west of the Madras Street bridge.  They’re the first I’ve seen.  It must be spring!

‘I always think it is good luck
to see a tiny baby duck.’

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The first Ipheions have started to flower.

Ipheions/Spring Star Flowers

These Spring Star Flowers are related to onions, and grow prolifically everywhere in our garden.  Apparently this flower’s energetic properties are ‘restoration of soul purpose’ and finding your own ‘True North’.

“The Spring Star Flower may just be
a compass point for you and me.”


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