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Today we walked along the daffodil lawn, where the flowers are just starting to come out.

By the bridge fern fronds are unfurling.

“It seems that spring is almost here
although the day is cold and drear.”

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The forecast wintry blast is here.  Our garden is white with hail, but no snowfall yet.

I feel sorry for those whose homes are not weathertight, and for those venturing into the central city for the America’s Cup victory parade.  We’re expecting a ‘high’ of five degrees and I’m pleased not to have to go anywhere.  There was a brief glimpse of sun an hour ago.  Now the hail has recommenced, and we’ve seen a few snowflakes.

A baby seal has been seen swimming along our part of the river.  Perhaps she’s headed for the parade?

“This is a day to stay inside
and that is where I plan to bide.”



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Every year our local Community Board puts on ‘Winter Blast’, an afternoon of free entertainment for seniors.  Yesterday we had the pleasure of music from Graham Wardrop, who is always an absolute pleasure to hear.  He played songs from the 1960s which we were invited to sing along with.  There were also items from Te Waka Unua Kapa Haka group, and Highly Strung ukulele group.  The latter invited singalongs to much older tunes (some were 50 years old, 50 years ago).

It’s great that the Community Board provides this afternoon, with refreshments, but the venue at the Woolston Club was crowded and cramped.  I appreciate it would be hard to find a bigger venue, but maybe they need to reduce numbers, or hold it on two separate occasions so everyone can be comfortably accommodated.

“Hundreds of older people go
enjoying this music show.”


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Lovely to see this blossom down Colombo Street this morning.

It’s cold and the solstice is still five days away, but the message is that spring is coming.

“To see the blossom flowering there
makes me think spring is in the air.”


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A winter pleasure is the sight of bare trees outlined against the sky.  This one is on the old St Luke’s site in Manchester Street.

I appreciate the exotic trees that give us these wonderful silhouettes, and I enjoy crunching through all the fallen leaves.

“In winter when the leaves have fell
the bare tree can look very well.”


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It’s feijoa time again, and thanks to the generosity of friends I have an abundance of these fruit.  My own tree has produced well this year, but not enough to allow for baking as well as eating.  A couple of years ago I found a great recipe for Feijoa and Ginger Loaf, which I’ve since shared with a number of friends.  Recently I bought some mini loaf tins (or rather silicone moulds), and today I thought I’d try making little loaves.  The recipe suggested it would make eight mini loaves, but my mixture easily filled twelve, and they are superb.

Easier to manage than a large loaf which can be inclined to fall apart and require a cake fork.  It’s possible to freeze and store the mixture for this loaf, but our small freezer doesn’t really have room to do this.  Plus I like to eat things when they’re in season, rather than having everything available all year round.  If Myrtle Rust creeps south, feijoas may become endangered, so we may as well enjoy them while we can.

“Let’s relish our feijoa feast.
Hope they escape the Myrtle beast.”


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The year’s first snowdrop appeared today (actually it’s a snowflake).

It has a slightly chewed look, maybe it isn’t quite open yet, but I look forward to soon being able to pick whole bunches.

“I’m pleased to see this first wee gem
and looking forward to more of them.”


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