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Today is the 124th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in New Zealand.  I’ve already voted in this year’s General Election.  Make sure you do too!

Katie Pickles has written an article drawing comparisons between Kate Sheppard and Jacinda Ardern.

For the first time in many years I won’t be at the lunchtime commemoration at the Kate Sheppard Memorial, because I’m going to a writing course in Avonhead.  Maybe there’ll be an opportunity there to mark Suffrage Day?

Flowerless Camellia

The white camellia I planted last year has not flowered yet despite being fed camellia food.  What does this signify?

“Today is an important day
I’ll mark it in a private way.”


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Lots of Lambs

We drove to Lincoln where there are lots of lambs in roadside fields.

They are a little camera shy, so it wasn’t easy to get photos.  A few had blue marks on them which I suspect means their lives will not be long.  I hope they’ll enjoy playing in the field while they can.

We lunched on delicious pies from Hellyers Bakery.  I wanted to show Stephen The Laboratory, but unfortunately it’s closed on Mondays.

“I love to see lambs in the field
their smiles and waggly tails revealed.”



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Another lovely sunny day that felt springlike.  I had a craving to see some spring lambs but wasn’t sure just where I’d need to go for this, or if it’s still a little early for lambs.  If I was in Auckland I’d be heading to Cornwall Park.  Years ago the local school used to take the children on a spring vist to the park where the shepherd would introduce them to the lambs (and possibly explain where lamb chops come from?).

I contented myself with a drive around Hagley Park – lots of daffodils, but the cherry blossom isn’t quite out yet.  It just needs a few more sunny days. In previous years I’ve seen lambs on the road to Rangiora or Lincoln, so a drive in one of those directions may be on the agenda next week.

Lambs at Lincoln in 2012

“In spring I long to see small sheep
as they gambol around and leap.”

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Today we walked along the daffodil lawn, where the flowers are just starting to come out.

By the bridge fern fronds are unfurling.

“It seems that spring is almost here
although the day is cold and drear.”

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The forecast wintry blast is here.  Our garden is white with hail, but no snowfall yet.

I feel sorry for those whose homes are not weathertight, and for those venturing into the central city for the America’s Cup victory parade.  We’re expecting a ‘high’ of five degrees and I’m pleased not to have to go anywhere.  There was a brief glimpse of sun an hour ago.  Now the hail has recommenced, and we’ve seen a few snowflakes.

A baby seal has been seen swimming along our part of the river.  Perhaps she’s headed for the parade?

“This is a day to stay inside
and that is where I plan to bide.”



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Every year our local Community Board puts on ‘Winter Blast’, an afternoon of free entertainment for seniors.  Yesterday we had the pleasure of music from Graham Wardrop, who is always an absolute pleasure to hear.  He played songs from the 1960s which we were invited to sing along with.  There were also items from Te Waka Unua Kapa Haka group, and Highly Strung ukulele group.  The latter invited singalongs to much older tunes (some were 50 years old, 50 years ago).

It’s great that the Community Board provides this afternoon, with refreshments, but the venue at the Woolston Club was crowded and cramped.  I appreciate it would be hard to find a bigger venue, but maybe they need to reduce numbers, or hold it on two separate occasions so everyone can be comfortably accommodated.

“Hundreds of older people go
enjoying this music show.”


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Lovely to see this blossom down Colombo Street this morning.

It’s cold and the solstice is still five days away, but the message is that spring is coming.

“To see the blossom flowering there
makes me think spring is in the air.”


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