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Look what we saw in Briscoes car park!

Red nose and antlers, it just had to be the new Rudolph.  Maybe Santa’s sleigh this year is being pulled by a posse of Morris Minors?

“When dashing through a Christchurch street
you never know what you may meet.”



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This beautifully crafted story is poignant, and at times so personal that reading it feels like an intrusion.  I was particularly interested because I spent a night in Juliet’s bach some thirty years ago, and I was part of her One Hundred Women Project at Te Henga in 1986.  In this book the changing seasons of nature and of Juliet’s life are skilfully woven together.  No reader could fail to be moved by the way Juliet has overcome challenges and developed new ways of being.  This book is a blessing.

“Her life and bach are both transformed
and by this book our hearts are warmed.”

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We were surprised to find Santa Claus at the beach this morning.  He must have been hot as the temperature was 30 degrees.   The children were pleased to see him.  Apparently these are photo opportunities organised by Kiwisanta.photo.  They would certainly make a lovely family Christmas card.

“With Santa Claus down by the sea
your photo helps save memory.”


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Shops have started to set up Christmas displays.  Our supermarket already has mince pies and ‘Christmas meringues’ for sale.  The display I find most attractive is this lovely Christmas tree complete with candles.

There are several of them in full flower at Waimairi Beach.  This particular one has a cabbage tree beside it, for a bi-cultural display.

“A tree with candle and with cone
can definitely set the tone.”

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Usually we see ducklings in September.  Now it’s almost November, and I hadn’t seen a single feather.  A friend told me yesterday she’d seen some around the Loop, so after breakfast at Little Pom’s, Stephen and I walked slowly around the river with our eyes peeled for ducks.

First we saw a family of nine stripey Paradise Ducklings:

Then a group of three newly hatched mallards, still with yolk on their faces (hard to see them in the iddle of the river):

A couple of adolescent ducks and their mother came to see whether we had brought breakfast for them:

Finally we found another small family beside the Barbadoes Street Bridge.  These ones were paddling furiously against the current:

Good to know there are new ducks around.  They don’t sit still to pose for photos, but they are a delight to behold, and I’ll be taking another walk soon to check on them.

“It’s such a lovely piece of luck
to contemplate a tiny duck.”


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Today is the 124th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in New Zealand.  I’ve already voted in this year’s General Election.  Make sure you do too!

Katie Pickles has written an article drawing comparisons between Kate Sheppard and Jacinda Ardern.

For the first time in many years I won’t be at the lunchtime commemoration at the Kate Sheppard Memorial, because I’m going to a writing course in Avonhead.  Maybe there’ll be an opportunity there to mark Suffrage Day?

Flowerless Camellia

The white camellia I planted last year has not flowered yet despite being fed camellia food.  What does this signify?

“Today is an important day
I’ll mark it in a private way.”

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Lots of Lambs

We drove to Lincoln where there are lots of lambs in roadside fields.

They are a little camera shy, so it wasn’t easy to get photos.  A few had blue marks on them which I suspect means their lives will not be long.  I hope they’ll enjoy playing in the field while they can.

We lunched on delicious pies from Hellyers Bakery.  I wanted to show Stephen The Laboratory, but unfortunately it’s closed on Mondays.

“I love to see lambs in the field
their smiles and waggly tails revealed.”



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