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Wind Wandering

I’m not sure what this mode of travel is , but presume it’s paragliding.  This large parachute/kite was spread out along Waimairi Beach this morning.

The ‘pilot’ was seated in a harness and trying to get the wind to lift him, but while we were watching he didn’t quite make it.

I imagine he started up much higher, and wonder how he would get his equipment back from the beach.  Presumably it can all be rolled up and carried.

“His course cannot be determined
he’s at the mercy of the wind.”


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We chose the hottest week of the hottest month in New Zealand since records began to spend time in Akaroa.  On the way we stopped at the Little River Cafe and Gallery.   This is always an exciting place to visit with amazing artworks.  We sat outside in the shade and admired the sculptures, especially this one:

‘Global Warming’ by Hamish Southcote

It’s hard to see in the shaded photo but it features a polar bear with a shopping trolley with bags of ice.

We stayed at L’Hotel where we’ve often stayed before, and appreciated having an airy balcony and a large efficient fan.  The weather was HOT, around 30 degrees most days.  One night I had a cool shower before bed, then got up a couple of hours later to have another one.  Luckily we had a fridge with icecubes, and enjoyed frequent drinks of Barkers Limes and Elderflower cordial.

Akaroa Harbour

We knew beforehand that there were likely to be cruise ships in the harbour on Monday and Thursday, and our unit was well positioned to watch the thousands of trippers swarming through on Monday.  It was lovely when the town reverted to its usual quiet the next day, and we were happy when Thursday’s cruise ship visit was cancelled because of stormy weather.

We enjoyed eating out, with many options close by.

Dinner at Bully Hayes

Whitebait omelette for breakfast – yum!

On our way home we stopped at the Cheskin Orchard at Cooptown, where we bought beautiful fresh cherries and apricots.  We’ve not been there before, but we certainly will again.

“This small town is a lovely place
without cruise ships there’s lots of space.”

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Colourful Creature

This bright butterfly looks gorgeous on a wall in New Brighton.

I presume that’s a full moon above.  The artist is Cinzah.  He’s chosen my favourite colours for this one.

“I like this butterfly so bright
it is a most attractive sight.”



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Bathroom Birds

These endearing birds are on the side of a public toilet in New Brighton.  The message above them says “Everyone needs to pee”.

“These birds state quite without compunction
what is a normal human function.”

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Kute Kites

A hot day is ideal for visiting the beach, and it was Kite Day at New Brighton.  We checked out the weekly market, bought lunch from a Sumatran stall, then sat in the shade listening to a busker while we ate it.

Paddling along the shore was a good way to keep cool while admiring the colourful kites.

Kites above the pier

My favourite was this purple dragon:

Purple dragon kite

I don’t think there were as many large kites as I’ve seen previous years, but there were lots of people enjoying the beach and flying smaller craft.

“I do admire a large bright kite
in clear blue sky a lovely sight.”


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Wetland Walk

Travis Wetland was where we walked on a very hot day.   At the entrance a sign said that part of the track would be closed from mid-January, but we thought we’d take the risk.   When we’d got halfway there was a fence, and we had to turn back, but that was fine.   It’s over a year since I’ve been on this walk, and I was glad to have my Field Guide with me this time.  Near the entrance an old pump was running, providing fresh water for birds, especially some thirsty pukeko.

The black swans are always majestic and these ones were swimming serenely.

Amongst the notable flora we spied a toadstool the size of a bread and butter plate.

We also spied a small cat which appeared to have come in from a nearby house and had no bell.  I hope it doesn’t hunt the birds.

Travis Wetland is an ideal place to walk in nature on an easy path.

“This wetland is a cool oasis
with conservation as its basis.”




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It was just past high tide when we walked on the beach  this morning.  The karate group needed to stand in the water to do their exercises, which must have helped them to keep cool.  We enjoyed our walk and saw many dogs and people appreciating a calmer day.

“All yesterday the wind was wild
today the weather is more mild.”


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