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We were surprised to find Santa Claus at the beach this morning.  He must have been hot as the temperature was 30 degrees.   The children were pleased to see him.  Apparently these are photo opportunities organised by Kiwisanta.photo.  They would certainly make a lovely family Christmas card.

“With Santa Claus down by the sea
your photo helps save memory.”



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We visited Loudon Farm to view the Sculpture on the Peninsula.  It was a somewhat fraught drive over Dyers Pass, on account of the number of cyclists on the narrow winding road, some of whom were inclined to ride two abreast.  We chose to return via Lyttelton and the tunnel.

Loudon Farm is always a pleasure to visit, with its magnificent grounds, historic buildings, and range of permanent sculptures, plus there were chooks!

Loudon Rooster

A display of photographs showed the damage done by flooding last July.  Trees had been clear felled in the Waieke Forest above the farm, and when the heavy rains came debris from the felling washed down and formed dams.  The water rose rapidly, broke through the dams, and debris crushed fences, carved out farm roads and paddocks, and flooded a cottage.  The farm is still littered with piles of logs over three metres high.  Waieke Forest have yet to take any responsibility for the damage and sad ecological consequences, partly caused by Ecan’s failure to monitor forest felling.

I was interested to see this commemoration.  It reads: “At this site on Monday 19 March 2012 a conspiracy of minds determined to save Christchurch Cathedral”

The sculptures on display seemed to me to be not as striking as in previous years (no daleks!).  The one I liked best was “Flight”.

Flight by Justin Galligan

The catalogue had photos of all the artworks, which helped with identifying my photos afterwards.  Here are some more of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exhibition is on tomorrow as well, and it’s well worth the drive.  There was plenty of food available at reasonable prices (with some queues), and music during the afternoon.

“To see such artworks you will find
is stimulating for the mind.”

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Shops have started to set up Christmas displays.  Our supermarket already has mince pies and ‘Christmas meringues’ for sale.  The display I find most attractive is this lovely Christmas tree complete with candles.

There are several of them in full flower at Waimairi Beach.  This particular one has a cabbage tree beside it, for a bi-cultural display.

“A tree with candle and with cone
can definitely set the tone.”

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These Tree Houses for Swamp Dwellers were installed in 2013.  I hadn’t realised until today that they had real grass, and of course it needs to be weeded occasionally.  That’s what these people appear to be doing.

“You would be pleased to see these fellas
if you were overgrown swamp dwellers.”

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We couldn’t resist stopping at Dispense Espresso for coffee and hot chocolate (and a tasty scone).

Situated beside a pharmacy, it would be the ideal spot to spend time waiting for a prescription.  We wondered about the water dispenser which had no drainage.  Would any drips go to the plant below, and thence to the dog bowl?  Have they dispensed (sic) with any drainage?

The next door stationers had a window display exhorting people to shop locally.  While I totally agree with the sentiment, I thought it would either be preaching to the converted, or likely to send others scurrying back to their own local shops.

We visited the Mitre 10 Mega for garden supplies, and new plants are now safely bedded.

“We’ve been to visit Ferrymead
returning with some plants we need.”

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Last night we dined at Clink in Sumner.  The building with its old stone walls is reputed to have been a prison for mutineers early in the 19th century – hence the restaurant name.

We had the five course ‘Trust the Chef’ dining experience.  Usually $65 per person, I’d bought a Grab One voucher which gave us two experiences for $65.  I liked the idea of surprises and not having to make decisions.  The five small courses were superb, and beautifully presented.  Paying the full price would be beyond our modest budget, and we were delighted with the value we got.  They had Guiness on tap for Stephen, and I enjoyed an Aspall’s cyder.  This is certainly somewhere we’d come for a special occasion.

“Five luscious courses and a drink
we certainly dined well at Clink.”

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This morning we visited the Lyttelton Farmers’ Market.  This is a great place to go on a Saturday morning with dozens of stalls selling plants, baked goods, delicatessen items, crafts, clothes, and more.  There’s entertainment too.

Lyttelton Farmers’ Market

Lots of friendly dogs were at the market

Mist on the hills surrounding Lyttelton

I persuaded Stephen to go by bus, and our ride included a close-up view of the gondola terminus which I haven’t seen before – I’ve boycotted it because I don’t think it should have been allowed to be built on the Port Hills.

The weather in Lyttelton was overcast, but back home the sun was shining. For lunch we enjoyed the focaccia we’d bought from Vic’s Bakery’s stall – rosemary with sea salt, and very addictive.

“Lyttelton’s the place to go
to see so many goods on show.”



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