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Lovely to see this blossom down Colombo Street this morning.

It’s cold and the solstice is still five days away, but the message is that spring is coming.

“To see the blossom flowering there
makes me think spring is in the air.”


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Ruth preparing to abseil

Have you every done something that was out of the ordinary?  Some years ago I went abseiling.  I’m definitely not a sporty person, but I was attracted because the woman facilitator, Ali Watersong. was someone I knew and trusted.  She is also a psychodrama practitioner, and on the Friday evening we went to a preparatory session where we addressed the rock we were to climb, and worked through our fears.

The next morning we drove to Castle Rock in the Port Hills, and climbed up, complete with ropes, helmets, and other equipment.  It was my first experience of serious rock climbing, and it was daunting.  At the top I was overcome by emotion, remembering the rock climbing done by my father who died when I was very young.

I was gently encouraged to step off and abseil down, which I did with a tremendous feeling of achievement.  I didn’t want ever to do it again, but I’m pleased to know that I could overcome my fears and do something that took immense personal courage.

“To step off was the hardest thing
but that day I went abseiling.”

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Waimairi beach this morning was covered in flotsam and jetsam.  We saw a large number of these creatures:

Do you know what they are?  This one was about 16cm long, and some were only half that size.  The skin looked quite hard.  When we saw them it was a couple of hours before high tide.

“I wonder what this fish could be
washed up there by the briny sea.”


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Recent rain has encoraged the growth of fungi, and there were lots on the path to the beach.

Dark toadstool


Golden toadstools


Twin toadstools

Orange toadstools

Back home, there’s a small colony at the back of the garden.

Cottage toadstools

I can’t identify any of these,  and I definitely won’t be sampling them.

“It seems to me that only fools
would try to eat these odd toadstools.”


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Two installations caught my eye on the beach today.
This one looks like a hitching post, or maybe a horse:

This one has been carefully edged:

“Creations made from sea-washed wood
caught my attention where they stood.”

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The Book Discussion Scheme is the source of books and reading notes for our book group.  The scheme (BDS) is a not-for-profit organisation that started 43 years ago under the auspices of the Canterbury Workers’ Education Association.  They provide monthly books to more than 1,200 groups throughout New Zealand, and it’s all run from their busy premises in Colombo Street.  Group members pay $60 per year, which entitles them to ten books.   Members all read the same book at the same time, then meet to discuss it, answer questions, and develop friendships.  The BDS offices have appropriate murals by Wongi Wilson at their front door.

I’m aware there are some groups where people read different books, then share their ideas, and others where everyone buys the featured book each month.  Do you belong to a book club?

“Our members all have undertook
to try to read the monthly book.”


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Signs at Verkerks shop saying their pork is female intrigued me.

I asked why, and was told they buy only female pigs.  Apparently their meat is more tender.  The meat of male pigs smells and tastes differently, and discerning customers, especially Asians, can tell.  I wonder what happens to the male pigs?  Presumably they go to less discerning butchers and customers.

Apologies to vegetarians for this post.

“”As a feminist should I baulk
at eating even female pork?”


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