This morning looked dreary, and we decided to liven it up by going out to breakfast.  It’s the first time I’ve been to Black Betty since their earthquake repairs were completed, and the place was buzzing.

I love the eclectic decor, e.g. black Crown Lynn swans.  We sat at an old oak extension table that was the twin of one we used to have.  The cups and saucers were black, and the teaspoons had Black Betty’s logo on them.  Their skull and crossbones motif is a bit gothic for my taste, but it fits, and the gothic font they use looks great.  The place is family-friendly, and there were several well-behaved small children there.

Breakfast at Black Betty;s

Breakfast at Black Betty’s

I had Black Betty’s Breakfast Stack, which included beautifully cooked field mushrooms and tomatoes.  Yum!  They also make tea with real leaves.  What more could you want?  All their cabinet food looked creative and scrumptious, and prices were reasonable ($3.70 for coffee, $3.90 for a pot of tea).

“Black Betty is the place to be,
as people surely must agree.”

Word of the Week

A friend told me that something was a major “embuggerance”  I asked whether that was a real word, and she assured me it is.  Wiktionary tells me:

embuggerance (plural embuggerances)

(UK, military, slang) Any obstacle (natural or artificial) that gets in the way of progress.

I think this is an incredibly useful addition to my vocabulary, and I intend to use it as every suitable opportunity.  Will it join your vocabulary too?

“I’m pleased to know this useful word
which I’d not previously heard.”

Mysterious Markings

As I walked home down Poplar Crescent on Monday I noticed mysterious writing on the footpath opposite the Centennial Pool, and wondered what it was about.

Public spaces

Public spaces

Grandstand site

Grandstand site

Instant public space

Instant public space

All was revealed in this morning’s “Press”.  Alejandro Haiek Coll, a Venezuelan artist and architect, who is artist-in-residence at The Physics Room had set up a viewing platform where people could sit and watch the demolition.  I didn’t see the actual installation, but the markings were intriguing.

“This kind of art is lots of fun
- intriguing stuff for anyone.”


Returning Retail

They’re starting to build something new near the corner of Kilmore and Barbadoes Streets.  This is the section where there used to be an aquarium shop, a kitchen shop, Fuschia gifts, and the Deaf Association (although not all at once).  This morning there was a digger smoothing the section.

Early morning digger

Early morning digger

I asked one of the workmen what will go there, and was told it will be a two-storey commercial building with a cafe on the ground floor.  It should all be finished by the end of the year. This afternoon they’d dug holes for the footings and erected a fence.

Holes for footings

Holes for footings

It’s great to see progress, and a cafe will help to entice people to buy the new residential units that are starting to spring up nearby.

“Commercial sections need to be
restored to their activity.”

Pampered Puss

Our beloved Bentley has been to the vet for a checkup.  He’s lost half a kilo over the last six months.  Blood tests showed that’s not all due to his failing kidneys, but the vet couldn’t identify another reason.  These days he eats a small amount of special ‘wet’ food, and eschews the dry biscuits that used to be his favourites.  It’s obvious that the cold weather makes him unhappy, and we need to remember that he’s now fifteen and a half years old, and that’s well over a hundred in human terms.

He used to be unhappy when we went out and turned the heaters off, but not any more!  A friend has kindly lent us a ‘SnuggleSafe’ heatpad, which is just the thing for a fading feline.  We heat it in the microwave for a few minutes, then put it under the blanket in Bentley’s basket.

Heat pad

Heat pad

Stephen does this before he leaves home in the morning, and when he returns Bentley’s still in there, sound asleep, snug, and warm.

Bentley in basket

Bentley in basket

“He’s happy sleeping with his pad
and leaving him seems not as bad.”





Convention Concept

Signs have gone up on the site of the proposed Convention Centre (formerly Farmers store).

Wild applause (Small)

Goodness knows when building will eventually start, or who will pay for it.

Tea for 2000 (Small)

Personally I’m not convinced it’s essential, but “they” say it’s needed to attract tourists.

“If they do build it, who will come?
Will our Convention Centre hum?”


From our first floor office window we watched these four men clambering around on a nearby roof.

Men on roof

Men on roof

Presumably they were checking something, but there was no sign of any harness, and I wondered what OSH would have to say.  It had been raining, so the roof would be slippery.

“I would not like to be up there
but they all seemed quite unaware.”


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