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Yesterday evening we heard noises on the road outside and thought there might be more roadworks.  Then a workman knocked on our door and explained there’d been a problem with the electricity supply.  We’d noticed that several electric clocks had been flashing and knew there must have been a disruption some time during the day.  Apparently some important electricl cable goes right past our place.  He told us there would be noise and lights during the night, and there were!  When we got up this morning we found part of our footpath had been excavated, right up to the kerb, and a deep hole dug.  This was all fenced off with a ‘Danger, high voltage’ sign.

Soon other workmen arrived and started on the repairs.  They tied the lamppost to the cherry tree with blue tape, presumably to stop the post falling over.  The hollyhock which has been growing through the footpath for more than a year has sadly been removed.   The hole is deep and they’ve been working there all day.

I wonder how long it will take for the footpath to be re-sealed – again.

“Our path has been dug up again
by electricity workmen.”

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Weapons Wanted

The worker on the right has a t-shirt with a good slogan.  It reads “Weapons of Mass Construction”.

“To use these weapons to rebuild
we need tradespeople who are skilled.”

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Gloucester Street Bridge is finally open again.  It’s been closed for almost four years.  The traffic lights at the Durham/Gloucester Street intersection are operational once more, and it’s possible to walk or drive across the bridge.  Once over, the only choice at present is to head north on Cambridge Terrace, but I appreciate having another option in this area.

“The Gloucester Bridge has opened wide
with access to the other side.”

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Both quads of the Arts Centre are now open, and hosting new sculptures.  I couldn’t find any reference to title or artist for these, but gather they may be the work of fine arts students, and part of the Whakahoki exhibition.

Sculpture in North Quad

Sculpture in South Quad

“These sculptures don’t yet have a name
denying those artists their fame.”




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When nine motorbikes lined up outside the cottage I wanted to find out what they were doing.

They had L plates and it turned out to be a bike riding class.  I didn’t have time to ask more before they all rode away.  When our daughter wanted a motorbike we insisted she had lessons before she rode it on the road.  These people must be similarly sensible.

“This is the best way, if you like,
to learn to ride a motorbike.”

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Hakui showcases the wonderful women of Kai Tahu.  There are taoka and interactive elements, together with photos, stories, and whakapapa of fifty amazing women who are all part of our local heritage.  We were privileged to be among the crowd at the opening night, where the speeches (all by men!) were followed with waiata and kapa haka.

It was hard to take in the exhibition with so many people there, but I will definitely return for a closer look.  Last evening was an opportunity to re-connect with some people I haven’t seen for a while.  A further visit will allow me to absorb more of the stories of these wahine.  Interesting that this exhibition coincides with a long overdue apology to the people of Parihaka.

Kai Tahu women claim their place
seen here with dignity and grace.”



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As we walked past Christ’s College steam was billowing out the window.

We were confident that it was coming from the kitchen area, but did wonder whether it might have been a miscalculated science experiment!

“An unexpected cloud of steam
was this for lunch or science scheme?”

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