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Shared Snood is a performative artwork created by Audrey Baldwin.  More details can be found on Facebook.  Over a period of six weeks, a group has come together to do macrame and share feminist ideas.  Each week there are speakers and discussion.  Yesterday’s session was on ‘Witches, Bitches, and Nasty Women’, and I was the third of three speakers.  The first woman talked about being a Witch, and the second discussed The Monstrous Feminine.  My presentation was about my involvement in Women’s Spirituality.  For the first part I drew on an interview that was published in Celine Kearney’s “Faces of the Goddess” twenty years ago.  I acknowledged the privilege I had of learning about Goddesses and rituals from Lea Holford and Juliet Batten.

I spoke of how, when I was the only heterosexual within a women’s circle, another woman made me feel included when she said: “Every woman’s a Lesbian except those who don’t yet know they are”.  This raised a laugh from the audience of mixed and fluid genders.

I discussed ritual groups in Christchurch, the eight pagan festivals, and the structure of a ritual.  Afterwards a woman told me that when I pronounced the traditional words for closing a circle,  she had a visceral reaction with goosebumps.

It’s not easy to speak about a subject that is so experiential.  I had considered using a form of ritual for my talk, but decided it was impractical in a crowded space with a varied audience, and I was pleased with the reactions, questions, and discussion afterwards.  My thanks to Audrey and Otautahi Korerotia for this opportunity to share my spirituality with an open interested group.

“Spirituality is key
for many women as for me.”



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Heavy rain all day yesterday and last night, but in central Christchurch we escaped the winds that have caused problems elsewhere.  We’d made sure the gutters were clear, and anchored our outdoor furniture.  This morning it’s still raining but only lightly, and that’s draining away easily.   The sun is trying hard to come out from the clouds.

Loving thoughts go to all those who had a much harsher cyclone experience.

“It seems that Gita’s passed us by
we’re lucky here – not much awry.”

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We met for coffee at Curious Palate.  This is a new cafe in Durham Street, opposite the Provincial Council Chambers.  It’s not well-known yet, and had few customers while we were there.  The service was excellent, but the noise from the talking of the three staff members was distracting, so we moved outside.  When we told the waitress why we’d moved she said they are hoping to do something to the ceiling to improve the acoustics.  My hot chocolate was fine, but my cheese scone was rather heavy and I didn’t finish it.

“I hope that they can lift their game
this cafe with the curious name.”

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Plaques outside the Arts Centre reminded me of the Christchurch Writers’ Trail.  From 1997 a number of plaques complete with quotes were laid in the city to commemorate local literary figures.  I fondly remember the one outside the old Central Library that honoured Elsie Locke, and hope that may be replaced within our new library.

Plaques by the Arts Centre honour writers associated with those buildings, including Edith Grossman and Ngaio Marsh.

Edith Grossman plaque

Ngaio Marsh plaque

I wonder how many of these plaques remain post-earthquake, and whether there are plans to re-issue a pamphlet about them.  Perhaps this is a project WORD could undertake?

“These writers, most of past vintage,
are all part of our heritage.”





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Cat Car

I loved seeing this car, labelled ‘Crazy Cat Lady’.

On the back window was a drawing of a cat, with its tail along the windscreen wiper.  When the wiper is switched on it would look as though the cat is licking and wagging its tail.  Then I saw the fuel tank cover!

“I simply love this cute wee car
it’s just the darlingest by far.”

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I had the pleasure of walking through the new Rauora Park in the East Frame, and it was a pleasure!  There is a wide path, well away from road, with attractive planting and seats.  So much nicer to walk along than a roadside footpath.

Rauora Park

Where it crosses streets, some of these have been narrowed.  For those that are wider, there is a pedestrian oasis in the centre and signs clearly stating that the road is to be shared.

Shared zone sign

I walked from Lichfield Street all the way to the Margaret Mahy Playground, and it felt good.  All I need now is a similar path from east to west, north of Cathedral Square.  We have the Greenway in the south, but nothing this end.  Maybe when Victoria Square is finished . . . .

“This park’s a pleasant place to be
it’s definitely approved by me.”



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Some person has removed one of the plastic sheep by the book fridge.  Its base looks rather forlorn now.

The sheep in the CBD all seem to be intact.  Sad that ours was the victim of foul play.

“Some nasty vandal stole our sheep
while local folk were sound asleep.”

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