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Walking over to Victoria Street I discovered a new mural I hadn’t seen before. The image of the street in a bottle reflects the high incidence of hospitality venues in this area.

Mural at 395 Montreal Street

I couldn’t see any acknowledgment of the artist, but later discovered it is by Dcypher.

It was starting to rain so I caught a bus that took me most of the way home. When we approached St Luke’s corner I pressed the button to request a stop and stood by the back door. The driver called out to me to come to the front of the bus and I asked “Why?” He said that it was easier, by which I gathered he meant that he meant it would be easier for me to get off there. So far I’ve always managed to use the rear exit, with the use of the convenient handles, and this is the first time any driver has suggested the front exit would be easier. Maybe I’m looking older these days?

The driver obviously thought
that I was a decrepit sort

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This sign seems a little incongruous planted in the middle of a flower bed with no grass close by. “Don’t pick the flowers” might be more suitable, but I guess the Council’s resources are limited.

Of grass there isn’t any sign
so this instruction seems hard line

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Push to reset the world is the message on a button where the Promenade crosses Colombo Street. I’d noticed it several times as I pushed the button, then, as traffic had stopped, I needed to cross and didn’t have time to take a photo.

Today I remembered to take the photo before I pushed the button.

I discovered that the sticker is [produced by spaceutopian.com, and that the Great Reset is an economic plan drawn up by the World Economic Forum in response to the Covid19 pandemic. Their aim is to facilitate rebuilding from the global Covid19 crisis in a way which prioritises sustainable development. This sticker is the only one I’ve seen, Have you seen any more in other areas?

For a reset from the recent sombre mood I recommend this roundup of lighter moments from the Queen’s funeral. It made me laugh out loud.

The reset is a noble aim
but will the end turn out the same?

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Today marks 129 years since women in Aotearoa gained the right to vote in General Elections, and a good crowd gathered at midday for a celebration in front of the Kate Sheppard Memorial. This year there were seats provided – a welcome change. There were several excellent speakers, including Lianne Dalziel.

Rosemary du Plessis, Chair of the local branch of the National Council of Women
Mayor Lianne Dalziel

This is the last time I’m likely to hear Lianne speak as Mayor and, as she pointed out, our next Mayor will be a man. It’s a bit like moving from having a Queen to having a King.

Several speakers acknowledged the recent death of the Queen, and tonight’s news was full of preparations for her funeral. Nowhere on the national news did I hear any acknowledgement that it was Suffrage Day today. After lunch with a group of friends I went home and filled out my voting papers for the local body elections. This seemed a most appropriate day to do it.

Today’s the day we got the vote
a time that’s worthy to promote

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Today we made our annual pilgrimage down Harper Avenue to revel in the wonderful display of cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom in Harper Avenue

Across the road in Little Hagley Park there are swathes of various coloured daffodils, as well as blue and white-bells.


The blossoms last only a week or so but are absolutely breathtaking just now. There are more along Riccarton Avenue and in various other parts of the city, but Harper Avenue has the best display.

We know the blossoms will not stay
so best to view them right away

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Breakfast out was Stephen’s suggestion. I was happy to agree and proposed that we go to the Foundation Café at Tūranga in the Square. Because the café opens earlier than the library I was confident we would find mobility parking nearby. On opening the café door we were surprised to discover two attractive griffons sitting on a rug just inside.

Griffon dogs

The café was bustling, even though it was just after 8.30am on Saturday morning. Most people were sitting near the windows which is why you can see empty tables in my photo. I noted that several staff behind the counter were not masked, and a sign advised they were short-staffed as is so often the case these days.

Foundation Café

After ordering we chose a table right beside the dogs, which the waiter told us belonged to the manager. Later the manager came by and said “Sorry, guys. I only came in for an hour but it’s taken longer.” At first I thought she was talking to us, then realised she was addressing the dogs who were quietly and patiently sitting waiting.

Breakfast was good (although I would have preferred the plates to be heated) but the canine company was definitely the best part.

It was a pleasure while we ate
to sit beside a sweet wee pet

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Coffee and hot chocolate was what we needed after yet another medical appointment. We were heading for Edgeware Road when I remembered I’d seen a café among the shops on the north-east corner of the Bealey Avenue/Colombo Street intersection. This area is nostalgic for me because when I was a child it was the site of Mr Jones’ Grocery Shop, long before we had supermarkets.

The Colombo Street cycleway means there’s less parking in the area, but we found a spot across the road, and then discovered the café actually has its own mobility parking space. If we’d been driving south, rather than north, we might have seen it.

There was a limited range of food on offer, including large chocolate brownies. We ordered one between us, and they obligingly cut it in half and provided two cake forks. Stephen pronounced the coffee excellent, and my hot chocolate was too.

Circa Cafe #1

The café, officially titled Circa Coffee and Wares, has plenty of character along with items for sale. As well as oddments of china, there are exotic postcards, children’s books, and a rack of clothes which included an adult size bear costume.

Circa Café #2

There’s a record player with 45s and LPs, and the coffee machine is hidden inside a wooden piano. One wall has a display of greeting cards which look as though they’ve been made by children. This all makes a change from bland cafés, and it’s worth a visit.

This café has a different air
with lots of things to be seen there

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Rain was pelting down early on Sunday morning and the weather was definitely not suitable for beach walking. By 10am the rain was clearing so we decided to walk through the Botanic Gardens. The river had overflowed, and ducks were enjoying new places to swim.

Ducks on the river overflow

At the Central Art Gallery in the Arts Centre we found an exhibition by Hannah Kidd. I’ve enjoyed her work before, and was keen to see these new pieces. Seven of them are sculptures of dogs, made from steel and corrugated iron, all extremely lifelike and very attractive.

Hannah has also painted and glazed a number of pots on different themes. An attendant kindly lifted the lids on these to demonstrate how each has an appropriate aroma inside. I had to take a photo of the one which showed a flamingo:

Friday Night Drinks

Another depicting Putin did not appeal:

Putin is Hot Pot

The delicate one with cats is inspired by a blog the artist follows called 12catslady. One of the paw-traits looked like Ziggy:

12catslady Pot

Bunsen Cafe was handy for a morning snack, with sparrows perched inside waiting for crumbs.

Expectant sparrows

A large raspberry and chocolate muffin meant I didn’t need lunch when I got home.

A stimulating way to spend
a dull day on a wet weekend

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Another torrential downpour this morning. Just as last week, the river has flooded and Oxford and Cambridge Terraces are closed.

We are relieved to be situated a little higher, but who knows what will happen when the sea level rises?

I had an exercise class scheduled for 11am. Usually I walk there, but as it’s raining heavily I was planning to take the car. However, because traffic is heavy and there’s flooding, I’ve decided to stay home. It’s a good day for reading, writing, and jigsaws.

With heavy traffic, roads awash
I won’t go out to splish and splosh.

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Another hospital visit this morning and another excuse to try one of the local cafés. Today we went to the Black and White Coffee Cartel on the Promenade in Oxford Terrace.

Black & White Coffee Cartel

At 10.30am it was busy and we were lucky to get the last indoor table. Some people sat outside but that would have been a bit cold for us. Stephen, who’d missed breakfast, enjoyed Eggs Benedict, while I had a cheese scone and hot chocolate. The chocolate was truly hot, which isn’t always the case, and the scone came with a generous double serving of butter.

Because Stephen’s mobility is limited it’s easiest for us to travel to the Public Hospital by taxi. We use Gold Band, and they are always punctual. The fare to or from home is just over $18, but twice recently the driver has said “Fifteen dollars will do”. I wonder if they find it a nuisance to give change in coins. or if they’re just being kind to vulnerable older people.

Each time there is a medical meet
it gives a chance to go and eat

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