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Arbo at the new ANZ Centre is an excellent choice for morning tea.  They offer small portions at reasonable prices.

I had a tasty cheese scone for $3, heated and with generous butter.  So often cheese scones are enormous, and need to be shared.  Stephen had a sausage brioche for $3.50.  My only quibble was that they serve hot chocolate in a glass, but it was not too hot to hold.  Tables each have a fresh flower, glasses, and cutlery, and the paper napkins are substantial.  This is a place with class but not overpriced, at least for a snack.

We wondered about how they clean the false white tree in the centre of the atrium.  The waitress said she hasn’t seen it cleaned but believes they do it with a mist spray.  The walls have lots of ledges which would also collect dust, especially with so much construction nearby.  I’ll be checking next time I go, and there will be a next time.

“An Arbo visit is a must
and I’ll be checking on the dust.”

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There was a strange black object attached to the wall by my bus seat.  I flipped off the lid, and discovered a couple of USB ports, plus a blue light.  The ports were labelled 5V 1A and 5V 2.1A

I think it must be somewhere you can charge your ‘device’.  I understand buses now have wifi – presumably this is an added service.  Does anyone know more about it?

“Whatever will they think of next
to help us blog or send a text?”


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Walking south on Colombo Street I spied this pretty mural with nasturtiums.  The name on it is Filigree, which is a jewellery maufacturer at 447 Colombo Street.

“The sign to advertise their shop
was bound to make this writer stop.”



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Apiarian Art

This mural on the corner of Armagh and Barbadoes Streets might be a plea to halt the decline of honey-bees.

It seems that in Aotearoa, the bees are doing well.  Maybe the exhortations to plant bee-friendly flowers have worked?

“It seems there’s honey in the hive
and locally the bees do thrive.”


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Today was my first visit to the new ANZ Centre.  The seven metre high tree in the atrium is spectacular, although a real one would have looked better.

The centre is pleasant to walk through, and the clothing stores seem not as upmarket as the ones in the Restart Mall – a welcome change.

By contrast, the old BNZ site is now a lake:

At least there’s progress here, of sorts.

“A bright new centre, ANZ
the BNZ’s a lake instead.”


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24 hours after the patio was flooded, we were breakfasting outside in 20 degree sunshine.  Our weather is certainly changeable!  Now that we’ve stepped aside from paid work, every day is a holiday, but we can’t help joining in the general pleasure of a holiday weekend.  For Easter Saturday Stephen made us a special breakfast of Oefs en Cocotte.

Chicken and mushroom, together with a baked egg, make this especially delicious.  We sipped our tea or coffee, leisurely read the “Press’, and thought lazily about how we might spend the rest of the day.  I hope my readers are all enjoying their Easter break.  Great to hear that so many volunteers are helping those in the Bay of Plenty to sort out the aftermath of Cuclone Cook.

“Although each day’s a holiday
today’s a special time to play.”

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Continual rain overnight (thanks to Cyclone Cook) meant that our patio was flooded when we got up this morning.

Patio Pond

We’ve not seen it like this before.  There was 40mm of rain overnight, and the ground underneath must still be saturated from the previous week’s rain.  Luckily it’s draining now the rain has eased.  The river was also high, and was over its banks in several places.

Avon/Otakaro near Barbadoes Street Bridge

It’s flowed onto Fitzgerald Avenue near the Kilmore Street intersection.  We’ve been spared the high winds that have caused problems in the North Island, and a fine afternoon is forecast.

“I’ll stay inside, the river’s high
and I want to keep warm and dry.’


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