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I’ve been Zooming along this week.  Have you too?  Zoom seems to be taking over life under rāhui.  First of all I zoomed with a friend.  She was on an Ipad so was able to zoom around and show me aspects of her garden.  On Saturday four of us had a family Zoom meeting.  One was in the U.K., the other three were all in this house, all on different devices, which gave the less technologically inclined of us the chance to practise.

On Sunday I participated in a Zoom poetry workshop, where we practised muting and raising hands, and even retreated into breakout rooms.  Our first exercise was a Definitional poem, as invented by the poets of the OuLiPo school.  In this format you make a short statement, then replace each word with one of its definitions.  Here’s my effort:

I live with a fluffy cat

The first person singular, i.e. my good self
occupies a colonial cottage which I share
at the same time, in the company of
the only one of its kind
a soft mass of long-haired fibres
attributable to a feline of a particular breed
which is part derived from Burma and part related to a small squirrel-like animal
and rejoices under the nomenclature
of Ziggy Stardust.

This morning, I walked around the Loop, and met a black cat on the riverbank.  It must have crossed the path I was on to get there, so was definitely lucky.  Of course I didn’t touch it ☹️.

Black cat on riverbank

At 11.30am I had another Zoom meeting, this time with tutor and classmates from Te Wananga, and I learned how to ‘share my screen’.  This rāhui is full of Zui (Zoom hui)!

Tech knowledge growing at a pace
I soon will be a Zooming Ace


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