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Feline Fluctuations

Ziggy went to The Cat Vet for his regular vaccination and check-up. At this clinic they have signs on tables to indicate where you can put your cat carrier. Apparently cats prefer to be raised up off the floor.

Cat parking spot

We met a new vet, Delwyn, and were impressed that she was wearing a top with cats printed on it. After a thorough check Delwyn told us she had found that Ziggy had heart arrhythmia and a heart murmur. She advised that if we wanted to understand the cause of these heart abnormalities we should arrange for Ziggy to have an ultrasound of the heart. After careful consideration we decided to go ahead with this, because Ziggy is an important member of our family. We are aware that Stephen has had the necessary treatment for his heart problems, and thought Ziggy should too (at least up to a financial point).

There is only one place in Christchurch where cat ultrasounds are done, and that is at McMaster & Heap in Hoon Hay, where the specialist is Dr Richard Lucy. We dropped Ziggy there in the morning, and signed a consent form for the procedure.

In the afternoon Richard phoned and said that Ziggy was a star! There had been no need for sedation (which saved us $150) and his cardiac parameters were within normal limits. Richard had observed a period of bigeminy/arrhythmia, but this was not associated with cardiac disease, and could be due to thyroid or high blood pressure. Concerning the heart murmur he had observed a small leak, but this was not something to worry about in a cat of Ziggy’s age (ten years).

Once Delwyn got Richard’s report she phoned us, and we’ve arranged to take Ziggy in next month to get his blood pressure checked. If this is not the cause of the problem he will need to have a blood test to check his thyroid. We’re just pleased to have him home and know his heart is in good shape. He was beautifully brushed by the vet nurses, who obviously have more grooming skills than I do.

We’re glad to know his heart’s okay
although the rhythm’s gone astray

Ziggy – the star!

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Birthday Boy

Today is Ziggy’s 10th birthday. We know this because we have his original pedigree papers. His father was Copycat Puck, and his mother Murasaki Pearl. The papers also list his grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents, which is pleasing to a genealogist. Officially his name is Avon Ziggie Stardust.

It’s because he wasn’t suitable for breeding that we were able to adopt him when he was two years old. We’d never intended to have a “designer” cat, and probably wouldn’t again, but our previous earthquake refugee cat had been a Tiffany (Burmilla) and had been such a sweetie that we sought a similar breed to replace him. Cats’ Protection League and SPCA didn’t have any such special cats, and my investigations eventually led me to Ziggy’s breeder.

Ziggy resting

Ziggy quickly became a (the?) most important member of our household and we love him dearly despite his tendency to leave fine long white fur on every chair. He expects, and gets, his breakfast early each morning, and his dinner at the appointed time, as well as regular treats. There’s no point giving him anything extra for his birthday as he already has all the treats he wants.

Ziggy on windowsill

He loves to sit on a windowsill and watch what’s going on outside, and spends hours snoozing in the sun, moving only when the sun has moved. Luckily he’s not a hunter and never chases birds or mice (although we wouldn’t mind if he caught the latter). Now he’s reached the end of his first decade he’s equivalent to a 70-year-old in human terms and sees no need to be unnecessarily active, although he occasionally bounds across the garden just to prove he still can.

He is a charming handsome boy
who gives companionship and joy

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Monday Mysteries

This morning I woke at 7.30am. As Ziggy was fast asleep beside us I assumed Stephen must have quietly got up at 6am and fed him, but no! Ziggy’s breakfast bowl was sitting empty on the kitchen bench. The next sachet in line was Whiskas Tuna which he doesn’t particularly like. I can only assume he’d read the packet and thought it wasn’t worth getting up early for. Luckily I went to the supermarket yesterday and stocked up on Chef Beef and Kidney Casserole which is his preference. Also, it’s made in Aotearoa and of course our Green cat prefers local products.

When I looked out the kitchen window I saw someone had knocked over our two wheelie bins which were patiently awaiting collection, so I went out in my dressing gown and righted them. Others further down the street had not been touched. We had an intruder in the garden on Friday morning, who fled when I gestured at him, so I’m feeling a little wary. As Stephen was still asleep I re-locked the back door while I had my shower.

Later, after breakfast, I heard the lid of one of our bins close, looked out and saw someone walking away. Was this a person dropping rubbish in our bin, or checking to see if there was anything worth rescuing? Maybe even someone homeless and hungry hoping to find something edible in the green bin?

Thinking of mysteries, I’ve now finished the last of my library books – The Killer by Susan Wilkins. This had more violence than I like, but I enjoyed the London setting. Luckily I have a dozen more unread books from the Book Fridge waiting beside the bed. When those are finished I’ll be happy to re-read others on my shelves, but I hope we’ll be in Level Two with libraries open before I get to that stage.

He knows the one that he prefers
the one that can elicit purrs

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Impatient Puss

How do cats tell the time? Ziggy is so regular in his requests (demands) for food that I sometimes think he must have a pocket watch like Alice’s White Rabbit. Apparently cats watch for external cues such as daylight or human behaviour. However, this does not explain why Ziggy comes requesting food well before sunrise and before either Stephen or I have stirred. This morning it was 5am when he started his breakfast summons, but I said sternly: “No, it’s too early!”

He pummelled our pillows and purred loudly, but I refused to give in even though I was wide awake by this time. I put on my MP3 player and listened to Crowd Science from the BBC World Service, then RNZ 6am News before finally succumbing. On other days I might have gone back to bed for more slumber, but Saturday is our early rising day because it’s when we Zoom with the U.K. daughters.

Once Ziggy’s hunger was satisfied he moved into his usual spot by a sunny window where he can keep an eye on what’s going on outside. Not much action there on these locked down days, and sad that our Word Festival has had to be postponed.

Ziggy on lookout

He keeps us firmly ‘neath his paw
we are
his slaves for evermore

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Friendly Feline

Whenever we have a visitor to stay Ziggy hospitably sleeps on their bed rather than ours.  Could it be because the spare bed, a converted couch, is closer to the floor so not as much climbing effort is required?  Our current guest shares his home bed with a large dog, so has no trouble accommodating our full size cat.  Ziggy’s been sleeping there during the day as well, ensuring there’s a warm spot ready later for the guest.

When contemplating feline host
our Ziggy surely is the most


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Ziggy Zonked

A visiting friend brought roses for me and a bunch of catmint for Ziggy.  Our clean-living puss had not previously tried fresh herbal drugs, and he thought this was rather nice.

After having a good snuffle and rolling on the leaves he fell asleep with a satisfied smile.

One stalk had a small piece of root attached, so I’ve planted it in the garden, surrounded by protective plastic.

He had a look supremely smug
once he had tried the feline drug

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I was annoyed to find cat paw prints on the bathroom floor this morning.  I thought Ziggy must have been outside and come in with muddy paws.  Then I realised there were paw prints in the shower.

He loves to drink the warm water after someone has showered, and had obviously snuck in and refreshed himself.  Usually he just puts his head onto the shower base, but this time he obviously went further.

The lure of a drink of warm water
made him go further than he oughta.

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Game of Thrones?

Morning sun strikes the bathroom early and our cat Ziggy likes to sit on the toilet lid waiting for the warmth to reach him.

If I wish to use the facilities I have to push him off, whereupon he drowns his sorrows lapping water from the shower base.  As soon as his throne is free he jumps up to claim it once again.

It’s just as well the lid is down
or he might fall inside and drown

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Cool Cat

What do you do on a very hot day?  I often sit out on the patio where there is shade and maybe a breeze.  Inside we keep lots of windows open so there is a cross-draught.  We’ve never yet needed to use the heat pump as an air-conditioner, but that may happen as the climate changes.

On a recent hot day Ziggy thought that a cool bath was the best place to be.

His long fur must be uncomfortable, but I’m not sure he’d appreciate it if I turned on the tap.  I’ve read that a damp cloth can be used to cool a hot cat, and if he seemed stressed by the heat I might try that.  Mostly he just sleeps the hot day away, an example I could be tempted to emulate.

‘A cool bath could be just the thing
alleviating summer’s sting.’

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Pillow Partner Puss

I woke this morning to find my pillow was occupied and I got out very carefully to avoid waking this sleeping beauty.

‘It’s lucky that he doesn’t snore
or try to move me with his paw.’


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