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My usual walking companions were away for the weekend so I headed for the Botanic Gardens rather than the beach.  The giant trees in the gardens are always magnificent, and now they are tinged with autumn colours.  Red and gold leaves chase each other across the lawns and birds call among the branches. 

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Although there’s no obvious earthquake damage, the gardens seem less kempt than in the olden days and it’s clear some areas have not had their usual watering.  Our gardens are a wonderful place to walk or sit, and re-charge.  They are surprisingly free from litter, although I did pick up a couple of pieces of rubbish.  I miss my home stretch of river, which is not so available these days.  In the gardens I can walk beside the river without being restricted by fences or fissures.

“The gardens are the place to go
to see the seasons as they flow.”

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Wasted Water

Sprinklers going full bore

Why was the City Council watering Elsie Locke Park early this morning?  We’ve had lots of rain in recent months and garden areas everywhere are saturated.  The grass in the park looks healthy and the forecast is for drizzle.  Why turn on the sprinklers?

“Why do they make the grass so wet?
It surely doesn’t need it yet.”

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Many Canterbury people are outraged that the Government has removed our elected regional council and weakened the rules governing water conservation.  Yesterday thousands gathered in Cathedral Square to protest the loss of democracy and demand transparency and openness over water issues.

Cairn of river stones in Cathedral Square

The protesters made a cairn of stones from South Island rivers, and this will remain in Cathedral Square until regional councillors are elected again.

“Symbolic stones tell everyone
that we abhor what has been done.”

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