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Horses on the beach

Actually they were trotting sulkies we saw on our beach walk this morning.  The rain threatened but kept away for the duration.  The sun shone and even felt warm at times, although the southerly also made its presence felt.  Hats and gloves were needed for walkers, but the horses were warmed by their exercise.  It’s months since we’ve seen horses on the beach.  I guess it depends on the tides.  Today the high tide was well past and there was plenty of firm sand to walk or trot on.

They trotted past us at a pace
enjoying their shoreline race

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This little girl playing on the beach was well protected with sunglasses, a pink hat, and a pink deck chair with canopy.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo.  It seemed a little intrusive to do so, but she was in a public place, and is unlikely to be identified.  There were many people and dogs on the beach this morning and we rejoiced in wading along in the shallows with a light cooling breeze.

Warm summer day, the place to be
is definitely beside the sea.

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Car parks were elusive at the beach this morning, and the sand was crowded with hundreds of people.  Apparently it was the Junior Life Saving Competitions with teams of 7-14 year olds from all over Canterbury.

Hordes of lifesavers

Further north the beach was quieter with only footprints.  This foot appeared to belong to a kelp creature.

Kelp foot

A turnstile appeared, or maybe it’s a direction finder.


‘A lot to see at beach today
in competition or in play.’

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Santa on the Beach

We were surprised to find Santa Claus sitting on the beach this morning.  It seems awfully early!  We saw him there last year too, but three weeks later.

Heaps of debris had been washed up, and many people had made sculptures:

This one had a dog inside


This creature was entirely sculpted by nature


We paddled and breathed deep of the ozone.

‘Surprising sights out on the sand
some natural, some made by hand.’



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These unusual clouds appeared above Waimairi Beach yesterday morning.  I believe they may be altocumulus.  Google tells me that if you see such clouds on a warm morning there will be thunderstorms by late afternoon.  The morning was not particularly warm, with a chilly wind on the beach, and we had no thunderstorms.

‘If I’ve correctly named this sight
the Google forecast was not right.’

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A distinctive nor-west arch was clearly visible on the beach this morning.  I hope this portends a warm day tomorrow.

At 11am we heard the tsunami siren.  Just as well we’d seen notices saying a practice was planned on the first day of daylight saving.  Presumably everyone else on the beach had seen them too as no-one started to run for the hills.  Last year we knew there was to be a practice but never heard the siren.  Perhaps they’ve made some changes since then.

‘If you should hear the siren sound
it’s wise to run to higher ground.’

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A lone kitesurfer braved the strong nor’easterly to ride the waves at Waimairi Beach.  Their kite sail looked spectacular as they skimmed along at great speed, tacking back and forth.

“There has to be a lot of skill
to stay upright and not to spill.”

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