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A lone kitesurfer braved the strong nor’easterly to ride the waves at Waimairi Beach.  Their kite sail looked spectacular as they skimmed along at great speed, tacking back and forth.

“There has to be a lot of skill
to stay upright and not to spill.”


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On the beach I glimpsed what looked like a branch with blossom lying on the sand.

Beach Blossom

Closer observation revealed that the white ‘petals’ were actually small shells clinging to the branch.  Fake floral?

“Sometimes what you may think you see
is something else en-tir-e-ly.”



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On the beach this morning we came across an enormous pile of kelp.

There must have been some rough seas to have swept all this lot ashore.

“The tide would surely need some help
to bring together all this kelp.”


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It was just past high tide when we walked on the beach  this morning.  The karate group needed to stand in the water to do their exercises, which must have helped them to keep cool.  We enjoyed our walk and saw many dogs and people appreciating a calmer day.

“All yesterday the wind was wild
today the weather is more mild.”


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We were surprised to find Santa Claus at the beach this morning.  He must have been hot as the temperature was 30 degrees.   The children were pleased to see him.  Apparently these are photo opportunities organised by Kiwisanta.photo.  They would certainly make a lovely family Christmas card.

“With Santa Claus down by the sea
your photo helps save memory.”


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Shops have started to set up Christmas displays.  Our supermarket already has mince pies and ‘Christmas meringues’ for sale.  The display I find most attractive is this lovely Christmas tree complete with candles.

There are several of them in full flower at Waimairi Beach.  This particular one has a cabbage tree beside it, for a bi-cultural display.

“A tree with candle and with cone
can definitely set the tone.”

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Black Blot

This new black building at Waimairi Beach looks unattractive and incongruous, especially as it’s near to a lovely Cape Cod house (on the left).

We’ve watched it being built and hoped it was going to improve, but sadly it hasn’t.

“It does not fit in with the rest.
I am completely unimpressed.”

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