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An alternative cardboard cathedral was erected yesterday in the Market Square of the Arts Centre.  French artist Olivier Grossetete wanted to make something magical in the heart of the city.  With the help of many volunteers he used cardboard boxes and tape to create an exciting construction, which will be demolished at 3pm this afternoon.  It’s an interesting coincidence that this temporary cathedral was erected on the same day that the Anglican Synod finally made the decision to restore our Cathedral in the Square.

“A cardboard building led the way
while Synod members had their say.”

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In yesterday’s torrential downpour two stalwart Green volunteers came to attach an election hoarding to our side fence.

Because we’re on a busy corner our site is ideal for notices like this, but we are particular about who we give permission to.

I’ve delivered hundreds of Green Party pamphlets, and now being host to an election sign, I feel I’m doing a small bit to combat global warming.

“Whenever there is an election
we have a Green sign on our section.”


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Eighteen outstanding volunteers received Volunteer Recoignition Awards yesterday, and the stories of their achievements were amazing.

VRA Programme (Small)

Chris Harris, a former New Zealand cricketer talked about the importance of volunteers to sport, and two young men from Burnside High School sang beautifully.

Entertainment from Bob Gaudin & James Mountstevens

Entertainment from Bob Gaudin & James Mountstevens

It was a special pleasure for me to be at the Awards, and not have any responsibility for running them.  Well done, Glenda and Richard!  It was also a pleasure to see so many ‘old’ friends there.

“It was good to be present there
and just enjoy, with not a care.”


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