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I’ve been a member of the Green Party and its Values predecessor for more than forty years.  Their commitment to a society that is just, sustainable, and community-based is the most likely to bring about the world I hope for.  In the past I’ve given much time, money, and energy to this cause (including twice standing as a parliamentary candidate), but these days my activism is restricted to delivering pamphlets, hosting an election hoarding, and voting Green.  I cannot imagine that I would ever vote for a different party.

I am saddened by recent events.  Metiria Turei took a tremendous personal risk for the good of the Party.  Her revelations led the general media and public to finally realise that social justice has always been important for the Greens, despite efforts to label us as ‘environmental’ only.   Subsequent events, and the resignations of two Green M.P.s mean Metiria’s effective and inspiring political career is now likely to be cut short.  The Greens have always been admired for their integrity, personified by such leaders as Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald.  That integrity has now been called into question.  Civil disobedience is acceptable when you’re protesting in a picket line or during a Springbok Tour, but not when it happened quietly decades ago.

I will continue to support and vote for the Greens.  I pray that Metiria will find a way through this situation that gives her comfort and peace of mind.  I await with great interest, and some trepidation, the outcome of this year’s general election.

“Despite the changes in the scene
I hope that many will vote Green.”




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