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The vaccination process has definitely improved over the past few months. The local District Health Board was slow to get its system under way, and despite being vulnerable because of our ages and Stephen’s health conditions we didn’t get our first jab until late August. Our second came in the second week of October.

The medical centre where we’d had these phoned a few weeks ago and booked us in for boosters on February 15th. At the time I inquired whether that could be brought forward if the interval between 2nd and 3rd jabs was shortened, and was told that would not be possible because of capacity issues.

This week the government announced that the gap between 2nd and 3rd jabs had been reduced from four months to three months and those who were now eligible (us!) could get their boosters from Friday 4 Feb. On Thursday 3 Feb. we were at the Woodham Road Pharmacy, using their postal services, and asked whether we could book in there for our booster. I was told they couldn’t take bookings and that I should either book online or phone the national booking number. When I said I’d book online I was advised it was better to phone because that system would be more up-to-date with any cancellations.

When I got home I duly phoned, waited five minutes to be answered, and then spent fifteen minutes with a very helpful woman arranging bookings for both Stephen and me for Friday 4 Feb. This woman was very thorough, checking all details carefully, and ensuring I had Stephen’s permission to speak on his behalf.

On Friday afternoon we arrived ten minutes early for our appointment and were taken almost immediately. The vaccination was quick and painless, and we have so far experienced no side effects. Our antibodies should be activated within a few days, and I shall now feel much more relaxed going out and about, unless the Covid positive numbers have the rapid increase that’s been predicted.

Yesterday we had our groceries delivered, but next week we may go to the supermarket. My poetry group has a scheduled meeting next Friday at a library. Everyone is required to show a vaccine pass, scan or sign in, and wear a mask. Usually I would take the bus, but it might be prudent at present to take the car.

Our antibodies will grow strong
and tell the virus to move on

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