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Ten Tulips

The ten tulips I planted all came up, but only nine have produced flowers.  These are Atilla tulips planted in late April in memory of a friend who died.  I’d noticed a new scent as I went by them, and Aunty Google tells me that Attilla Tulips are fragrant.

Tulips in our cottage garden

In the 16th century, the Austrian ambassador sent tulip bulbs from Istanbul to Vienna, and this started a floral fever across Europe, especially Holland.  Calm and prudent Dutch people were so carried away by the beautiful flowers that for a single bulb of a rare variety, one could buy a mansion.   As the tulip market grew speculation exploded, with traders offering exorbitant prices for bulbs that had yet to flower.  Then the tulip market imploded, sending many traders into ruin.  For decades, economists have pointed to 17th-century tulip mania as a warning about the perils of the free market.

‘My tulips will not start a craze
they simply brighten up my days.’


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