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Recent rain has encoraged the growth of fungi, and there were lots on the path to the beach.

Dark toadstool


Golden toadstools


Twin toadstools

Orange toadstools

Back home, there’s a small colony at the back of the garden.

Cottage toadstools

I can’t identify any of these,  and I definitely won’t be sampling them.

“It seems to me that only fools
would try to eat these odd toadstools.”



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Tiny Toadstools

These tiny brown toadstools were lurking in the back garden near the worm farm.

Tiny Toadstools (Small)

I haven’t been able to identify them, and wonder whether they will grow into a forest of giant toadstools?  The green plants among them are baby hollyhocks getting ready for spring.

“I cleared away the walnut leaves
and came across these fungi sheaves.”


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Twin Toadstools

Two toadstools have sprung up on the edge of the patio.


I’m not sure what they are, but they’re too tall for mushrooms, and I won’t be eating them, just in case.

“These fungi came with no invite
they just appeared there, overnight.”

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