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On a fine day it’s an absolute pleasure to walk along the City Promenade beside the river.  It’s also good to walk with a purpose – a destination in mind.  This morning my destination was the WEA in Gloucester Street for my weekly writing class.

The photo was taken on the stretch between Manchester and Colombo Streets.  This is the area where they plan to build a pedestrian bridge (not needed in my opinion).  I love the look of the bare trees in winter.

To walk beside the river is
a pleasure that is just gee-whiz.

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Sunday was the official opening of the City Promenade.  This time I walked the whole way with a friend.  We started at Manchester Street, completed the Scavenger Hunt, and handed in our cards at the far end opposite the Antigua Boatsheds.   Despite a drizzly day (unsuitable for beach walking) there were lots of people on the Promenade.  We saw a choir, a band, face painting, and stilt walkers.  At The Terraces children were given bamboo sticks with meat on the end so they could feed the eels that live there.  We met a volunteer who gave us vouchers for the Black & White Coffee Cartel who opened a branch near Pegasus Arms earlier this year.

Of course we were happy to get a free drink, and buy something to eat.  We sat outside where we could watch the passing crowd and hear the music.  The City Promenade is a great addition to the inner city and one I shall be walking often.  Another Anchor Project finished at last, it was originally planned to be completed four years ago.

‘Although it took time to create
the Promenade was worth the wait.’









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The City Promenade has its official opening tomorrow.  As I was heading to the Arts Centre I took a preview.  It’s wonderful to have parts of Oxford Terrace which have been closed off now open, especially as there are new pedestrian/bicycle traffic lights wherever the Promenade crosses a road.

New section of Promenade between Manchester and Colombo.

There are signs on the path indicating the Promenade, and items of interest such as the Horse Watering Ramp in Victoria Square.

A family of paradise ducks were having their own promenade.

Paradise ducklings in Victoria Square

The riverbank beside the Convention Centre site is open again.

Promenade towards Gloucester Street

This new pathway gives cyclists a safe route to ride into the central city, especially if we want to go to the so-called West End (i.e. Arts Centre or WEA). I love it!

‘The promenade is safe and pretty
and gives new access to the city.’



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