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I’m not a fiction writer, and short stories have never attracted me.  I read one occasionally in a magazine, but rarely choose a whole book of them.  My feeling is that they tend to engage my head, whereas a novel is more likely to engage my heart as well.  Having said that I enjoy articles about real people.  I was moved by one in last weekend’s ‘Press’ about procedures around stillbirth in the 1970s.  Not sure whether that qualifies as a short story?

My creative writing has lately been lacking in inspiration, and I enrolled in a writing course for encouragement and stimulation.  This week we were given the first two pages of a short story, and asked to write an ending as our homework.  It’s a ‘coming of age’ story and the instruction was to draw on our own experiences, and use them in our writing.  I have experiences I can recall, but I find it hard to rewrite them in the first person to fit with the rest of the story.  Usually when I write about my experiences, e.g. in this blog, I am completely truthful.  The blending of imagination and authenticity offends my values of openness and honesty.  I would find it easier to write this exercise in the third person.  It seems to be writing imaginatively in the first person that’s difficult.  It seems I have a lot to learn about creative writing.

“If I’m to write words about me
then I need authenticity.”


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