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Today was my first visit to the new ANZ Centre.  The seven metre high tree in the atrium is spectacular, although a real one would have looked better.

The centre is pleasant to walk through, and the clothing stores seem not as upmarket as the ones in the Restart Mall – a welcome change.

By contrast, the old BNZ site is now a lake:

At least there’s progress here, of sorts.

“A bright new centre, ANZ
the BNZ’s a lake instead.”



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Peculiar Pipes

There are renovations under way at our local supermarket.  The ceiling’s been removed, and now large pipes gaze down menacingly.

Pipes loom out of the supermarket ceiling

They look like aliens that might gobble us up (or have I been watching too much Doctor Who?).

“The ceiling has a threat’ning air
a child might disappear up there.”

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