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Durham Street’s new New World was where we did this week’s shopping.  We arrived at 8.30am on Friday and were told it was just as well we’d come early.  The store opened on Wednesday and was extremely busy then, especially as New World Managers from miles around came to check it out.  We spent nearly an hour admiring everything and locating the items on our list.  There were lots of extra staff offering help, although some of the bakers were taking a well-earned rest.

Bakers had gone home

I was pleased to find much less packaging in the fruit and vegetable section, e.g. cut pumpkins were left uncovered.

(mainly) Naked vegetables

It’s good to have an ecostore refill station, but I would have liked this to include their Liquid Scourer.  I don’t need their shampoo, conditioner, or dishwash liquid, as I get those refilled at PIKO Wholefoods.

ecostore refill station

Something new was the option to buy bulk Earl Grey Tea leaves (French ones), and I’ll try those when I’m ready for a refill.

French Earl Grey tea centre right

There was a great variety of prepared deli items, although I won’t be tempted to buy smoked fish chowder at $9.79 a pottle.  My chef makes an excellent version at a considerably cheaper price.  The range of goods available is prodigious and attractive, but there’s lots we don’t need., e.g. 302 varieties of craft beer, many in cans.  I’d have thought craft beer drinkers would want to have their special brew in glass, but apparently not.

We’ll certainly go again, and get used to the layout, but without the extra amenities of South City in the same block I expect some of our grocery shopping will be done at the friendly-sized Stanmore New World.

All sorts of goodies were unfurled
as we traversed the new New World.

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I was involved in the establishment of the South City Mall in (I think) 1991.  At that time I was Administration Manager for Mrs Pope Ltd.  The Directors wanted to support the new mall and they leased three shops there for Mrs Pope’s, Pants, and Facade, all now long disappeared.  Mrs Pope’s shop was in the area currently occupied by Paper Plus, and there have since been many changes to the mall which now prefers to be called a Shopping Centre.

We’ve been regular customers of the South City New World supermarket for many years.  We also shop at the South City Pharmacy, Paper Plus, and The Warehouse.  Today we paid our last weekly visit to the supermarket which will close on Sunday.  Shopping malls, especially those with restrictions over access and opening hours, no longer suit larger retailers, and there are other changes at South City.  Michael Hill has just moved out and gone to The Palms.  The Notty Horse Wooden Toys shop is closing down as most of their business is now conducted online.  I will be curious to see how South City fares once the supermarket has gone.  I just tried to phone them to check what year the mall opened, and the phone number given on the South City website is invalid.

We look forward to visiting the new New World in Durham Street which will open on Wednesday.

What is its fate, South City Mall?
Can such a place survive at all?

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Garden flowers are fading, and I wanted some potted colour for indoors.  At Mitre 10 I found cyclamen, three for $13.50, and also bought a Sweet William to fill a blank corner.

At the checkout they had shopping bags that said: I just came in to get some compost.  I didn’t need another bag, but love the truth of the slogan as I rarely come out of this shop with only what I came for.

Outside was another sign that resonated:

While we need to be kind to our Aussie neighbours, I think this is clever marketing.

A local firm is what I choose
so Bunnings is the one to lose.


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As we walked into the New World Supermarket this morning we were assailed by the enticing smell of hot cross buns baking at a stall at the entrance.  There was no sign of buns inside, and as we came out we went to buy some, but alas, there were no ordinary buns left.  We could have had chocolate ones, or fruit-free, or mocha, but if we wanted ordinary hot cross buns we would have to wait half an hour for the next batch to be ready.

We declined to wait.  Stephen went to load the shopping in the car as I started to walk home ( a good way of getting exercise).  As I went past Ballantynes, I thought I might check to see whether they had buns available.  They did, at nearly three times the price of the New World ones, but these were still warm from the oven, and I couldn’t resist.  I couldn’t help thinking nostalgically of the days when they were “one-a penny”.  We enjoyed some for morning tea, because they are best eaten fresh, and the others will probably be toasted tomorrow.

Did you know that the original hot cross buns were a female symbol, associated with the Goddess Eostre, after whom the Christian Easter Festival was named?  The cross is thought to represent the four seasons and the wheel of life.  Eostre’s totem was the moon hare which laid eggs for good children to eat – the forerunner of our Easter Bunny.

Easter, of course, is a spring festival, and it’s a pity that it’s usually celebrated in Autumn in Aotearoa.  Perhaps we could save our eggs and our buns for the spring equinox in September.

Ballantynes charge more than a penny
but at New World there just weren’t any.

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I went to a local postal services agency to post my Xmas parcels to daughters in the U.K.  Note, I didn’t go to a Post Office.  Those don’t exist any more.  There are still a few Post Shops, 80 out of 880 post outlets, but NZ Post plans to close all Shops soon.  They like you to organise your parcel posting online and use their courier service, but this is not practical for many people.  Postal services are now located inside chemist shops, bookshops, and supermarkets.  I use these rather than organising postage online as I like to think I am keeping workers in jobs.  For the same reason I eschew the self-service tills in the supermarket.

My presents were wrapped and just needed to be placed in a postal bag and weighed, once I’d filled in the address and customs declaration.  I’d carefully ensured that the contents of each bag were valued at less than $70 (£38) to avoid VAT being charged at the other end.  The staff member perused my declaration and asked me to confirm that the bag included a fridge magnet.  It did, and I hadn’t realised that these are now forbidden to be posted.  They are listed under ‘Other Prohibited Items’ along with Animals (except correctly packaged bees, leeches, silkworms and harmless insects).  My sealed bag had to be cut open, ditto the wrapped package inside, and the magnet extracted.  I’m not an expert parcel wrapper, but this one will look even more amateurish than usual when it finally arrives.

The forlorn fridge magnet is now residing on my filing cabinet, and I’ll be even more careful with my choice of gifts in future.

Sheepish magnet

‘The sheepish magnet could not go
the other gifts were deemed righto.’

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Now I’m worried about all the unhappy tomatoes I may have bought in the past.

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Which flavour would the mice prefer?  This display caught my eye, in the gourmet section – Savoury Spread for your Mouse traps, anyone?

We often add relish if we’re making mousetraps for our lunch, but I’d never noticed this product before,

“Which flavour would our mice prefer
as a mouse trap provocateur?”

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