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Seal Seen

This baby seal is resting on a rock near to our cottage.

This is the first time I’ve seen a seal within the Avon Loop.  Perhaps the cold weather and rough seas have driven it inland?   Where are its parents, I wonder?  I understand it’s been in the area for a week now, and I hope it can find its way back out to sea.

“Today this is a city seal,
but should be by seashore, I feel.”

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The forecast wintry blast is here.  Our garden is white with hail, but no snowfall yet.

I feel sorry for those whose homes are not weathertight, and for those venturing into the central city for the America’s Cup victory parade.  We’re expecting a ‘high’ of five degrees and I’m pleased not to have to go anywhere.  There was a brief glimpse of sun an hour ago.  Now the hail has recommenced, and we’ve seen a few snowflakes.

A baby seal has been seen swimming along our part of the river.  Perhaps she’s headed for the parade?

“This is a day to stay inside
and that is where I plan to bide.”



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There was a dead baby seal lying on the beach this morning.

dead-seal-smallWith a butterfly yesterday, and a seal today, I’m beginning to wonder what dead creature I shall see tomorrow.

The belief that things come in threes is known as triaphilia.  Some say it’s because three is the first odd prime number (what about 1?) or that it’s related to the Christian trinity.  Apparently our brains like series of three, e.g. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll; Veni, vidi,vici; Friends, Romans, countrymen.

“Things often come in groups of three
no more dead creatures, please, for me.”


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