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This year’s Santa Parade took a route down Madras Street, very close to our home.  We sat in comfort on camping chairs with an excellent view of all the 130+ items on parade.  There were Storybook characters, Bands, Ethnic groups, Schools, and Youth groups.  The sky was overcast with some drizzle, but not enough for anyone to get really wet.  We were sitting by the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church which was offering free coffee and had a queue of people taking advantage of this.

Stephen was in the Parade for 30 years, even leading it one year.  More recently I joined him and we rode in style in an old model A.  This year ‘our’ Model A carried Bananas in Pyjamas.

Bananas in ‘our’ car

A more sedate couple in 2006

It was wonderful to have the parade back in the central city.  Events like this remind us of how special it is to live centrally.

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‘This grand parade was entertaining
despite the fact that it was raining.’

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Passing Parade

Thousands came to see the Santa Parade this afternoon.  We rode in a 1928 Model A, between the Southern Ballet and the Caledonian Highland Pipe Band.  Here are some of the attractions:

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“It’s fun to take part on this day
and watch the others on the way.”

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The sound of a klaxon horn signalled the arrival of a Model A Ford which had come to take us to our annual appearance in the Santa Parade.  We sped along Moorhouse Avenue and Blenheim Road (no seat belts) towards the Riccarton gathering place. Asian passengers in a passing tourist bus had their ipods out taking our photo.  While we waited for the parade to start I walked along and took pictures of some of the floats.

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Today’s parade was the 65th, the weather was fine and sunny, and I suspect there’ll be some people wishing this evening that they’d covered up from the sun.

“It’s fun to be in the parade
a bright colourful cavalcade.”

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Me and Stephen in Santa Parade

Here we are riding in a 1928 Model A in last Sunday’s Santa Parade.  Memea took this photo and kindly sent it to me.    I hadn’t noticed him among the thousands lining the streets, many with cameras.  This year it seemed that fewer of the watching children were wearing costumes, but lots of them had bubble pipes and it was lovely to see clouds of bubbles floating by.

“It’s fun to ride in the parade
and be part of the cavalcade.”

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