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I am totally disillusioned with the “Press” (aka Stuff) delivery/distribution system.  In March when we were to be away for three weeks I asked through their automated system for deliveries to be suspended for that time.  They sent an email acknowledging this request with the dates clearly stated.  Luckily we had a friend minding the cottage and she emailed me to say the Press was still being delivered despite my instructions.  I was able to forward her the relevant email and some days later, after she made several phone calls and sent emails the deliveries were stopped.

In May I received an email telling me that our annual subscription was to be increased by $104 (over 20%).  I pointed out that friends had told me when they cancelled their subscription they were later phoned and offered a cheaper price, and I asked if I could have the cheaper rate without needing to cancel first.    The reply was that any phone call from telemarketing for a reduced price is just random and there’s no guarantee.  However they did agree to reduce the price by $52, for which I was grateful.

In July our delivery was missed several times over two weeks.  When I phoned the call centre to complain a staff member assured me that we were supposed to receive papers only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I told her very clearly that we have been subscribers for over thirty years and have al;ways had the paper Monday to Saturday.  She said she would make that adjustment!  I later spoke face to face with a helpful woman in the local Press office who told me the person I’d spoken to would have been “offshore”, and that my records definitely showed a Monday to Saturday subscription.

When we missed another delivery I emailed someone in the “escalation” department who told me the problem arose because I’d changed the days I was subscribed for.  I quickly pointed out that any change had been their mistake (to which I received no reply).

As we were to be away for two days in August I again requested a hold through the automated system and received an email acknowledgement.  I also stated this request in an email to the “escalation” department.

When we returned home I was disappointed and angry to find the “Press” had continued to be delivered on the two days we requested it not be.

Unexpected Presses

The papers usually land on our front steps or verandah, and as our front garden is narrow, they are very obvious to any passerby.  An unretrieved paper sends a message of a vulnerable property to any would-be burglar.

Luckily for us a kind neighbour who knew we were away saw the papers and removed them.  I will complain to the “Press, but I absolutely despair of ever having their holiday system work correctly.  The “Press”is the only daily paper available in Christchurch.  We both enjoy reading a hard copy, and doing the puzzles, but after our experience I’m not surprised so many friends no longer subscribe.

Have any of my readers experienced similar problems?

I still like reading daily “Press”
but find their service just a mess.


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The mural in Press Lane is now complete, and includes signs alluding to what was there before.

Along the lane is printed the ‘Press’ motto  Nihil utile quod non honestum.  It was impossible for me to get a photo of the whole thing because the lane is narrow.

“I like the way the lane can be
an aid to people’s memory.”

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The Christchurch “Press” is an indispensable part of my daily routine.  I love to catch up on local news (usually over breakfast), check the death notices and do the puzzles (usually over lunch).  The Cryptic Crossword, Code-Cracker, Wordfit, and Number Cruncher are mine.  Stephen does the other word puzzles.  The Sudoku are left to languish – neither of us has yet been tempted to these.

When away from home we still seek a “Press”.  In Wellington that’s no problem.  In Auckland Whitcoulls stocks it, and we assumed the same would apply in Dunedin.  Sadly, no!  Whitcoulls in George Street was closed at 9.15am because they were mopping up from the previous day’s downpour.  We went back after 10am, confidently seeking our “Press”, only to be told they don’t carry it and neither does any other shop in Dunedin.  The Whitcoulls woman told me the “Press” has not been sent to Dunedin for the past three years.  I wondered whether this was because of rivalry between Fairfax and the independent “Otago Daily Times”, but she didn’t think so.  The Dunedin Public Library doesn’t have a hard copy of the “Press” either, although they have a dedicated terminal where you can read it online.  That doesn’t give me access to the puzzles!

“I may endure puzzle withdrawal
if I can’t get a “Press” at all.”

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‘Press’ Puzzles

A daily newspaper has been part of my breakfast routine all my life.  I can’t imagine ever abandoning it to digital news, although the ‘Press’ these days is not as good as it used to be.  It’s smaller, has many errors, and features large photographs that sometimes bear little relevance to the story they accompany.   I like to read local news, and I enjoy the puzzles – plus I’m a fan of Munro!

Press puzzles (Small)

I do the Code Cracker and the Cryptic Crossword, and usually manage to finish the latter on the second or third go.  Stephen does the Quick Crossword and the Word-Builder, where his score is always Excellent, and sometimes Amazing.  Often I also do the new Wordfit.  This is rather mechanical, just a matter of crossing words off lists, but it can be relaxing.  Which puzzles do you enjoy?

“The puzzles occupy my brain
ensuring that it does not wane.”


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Fractured Fame

I appear in colour on page A9 of this morning’s “Press” (link not yet available).  You might not recognise me because I’ve been ‘blurred’, but the ‘Volunteer’ banner is clear.  I was returning from my lunch break yesterday when the ‘Press’ photographer was taking a photo to illustrate an article about the fact that we’ve all been given 90 days notice to vacate our premises to make way for the new Justice and Emergency Services Precinct.

“We don’t yet know where we will go,
but can’t stay with the status quo.”

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