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The wall of the YMCA is graced by this mural by London-based artist Fin DAC who specialises in making large murals of beautiful women.


The title is Kaitiaki and the picture combines elements of Maori culture and mythology to offer protection to the city.  An owl and a kingfisher sit in her hands.

“This female image meant to be
protection for both you and me.”

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Kuia by Kevin

This mural on the wall behind the Crowne Plaza, near The Piano, is by Kevin Ledo.  The kuia is Whero Bailey, a Parihaka elder who died in 2016.  I haven’t seen Ledo’s work before, but I like it.

“The portrait theme, I understand
is all to do with peace in hand.”


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Colourful Creature

This bright butterfly looks gorgeous on a wall in New Brighton.

I presume that’s a full moon above.  The artist is Cinzah.  He’s chosen my favourite colours for this one.

“I like this butterfly so bright
it is a most attractive sight.”



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Bathroom Birds

These endearing birds are on the side of a public toilet in New Brighton.  The message above them says “Everyone needs to pee”.

“These birds state quite without compunction
what is a normal human function.”

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Wheelie Wall

A new mural on the Worcester Boulevard depicts cycling in many forms.

It’s by Dside.  He portrayed all the riders naked in the hope that New Zealand might one day support the World Naked Bike Ride.  This mural has replaced the one with the melting penguins.

“I’m sad the penguins had to go
we’ll now enjoy the cycles though.”

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Ibis Illustrated

I love this attractive mural on the wall of the Ibis Hotel in Hereford Street.  The City Council held a competition between three designs to choose what would go up, and this was the winner (the one I voted for!).

Artist Brendan Warrell has depicted kowhai and a silvereye emerging from Christchurch rubble.

“It brightens up a central street.
Far better than that dull concrete.”

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Have you seen the comic strip mural outside the Convention Centre site?  It tells the story of our city and I think it’s very well done.  Congratulations to Felicity, the artist responsible.

“The story of our city’s heart
encapsulated in this art.”

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Walking south on Colombo Street I spied this pretty mural with nasturtiums.  The name on it is Filigree, which is a jewellery maufacturer at 447 Colombo Street.

“The sign to advertise their shop
was bound to make this writer stop.”



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Apiarian Art

This mural on the corner of Armagh and Barbadoes Streets might be a plea to halt the decline of honey-bees.

It seems that in Aotearoa, the bees are doing well.  Maybe the exhortations to plant bee-friendly flowers have worked?

“It seems there’s honey in the hive
and locally the bees do thrive.”


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Feline Figures

Cat faces adorn a fence along Stanmore Road.

These are sure to please those of us who like cats.

“These cats that sit upon the fence
might loosen up folk who are tense.”


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