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At the Little River Craft Station the women’s toilet was in darkness, so I switched on the light.  This sign then caught my eye.


I wondered if the Lake Flies were attracted by light, like moths?  A man in the shop told me that while light would bring them, you might meet a cloud of them anywhere.  I understand that they are what I have previously known as midges.  They are native flying insects, and do not bite, having no mouth parts.  Their larvae are known as blood worms and feed on decaying matter found on lake beds.  I was happy not to encounter a swarm of them.

Inside the craft station was another unusual sign, promoting the Little River Trap Library.


In a rural area such a facility must be very welcome.  Good that these traps are available free of charge, a project of the Little River Wairewa Community Trust. (The shop man said he hadn’t known anyone to take a photo of the sign previously.)

“Natural challenges are rife
for those who choose the country life.”


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With an Australian nephew visiting briefly, a day trip to Akaroa was our intention.  We stopped at the Little River Craft Station, where Paul, who’s a telecommunications engineer, was intrigued by the antique switchboard.


In Akaroa he was even more intrigued by a KTM vehicle.


KTM usually make racing motorbikes, but this was definitely a sports car.  The full face helmets and body harness suggest it might be capable of going very fast, and I’ve learned it’s the first four-wheeled model in KTM’s history.  I was told that no windscreen or canopy are required because if it rains you’re going so fast the raindrops don’t reach you!

We lunched on fresh fish and chips on the Akaroa wharf while we watched tenders from the cruise ship Noordam travelling back and forth.


One of the commercial boats had a sea-faring dog.


The Akaroa Lighthouse light was flashing intermittently, something I’ve not seen before.


We drove up to look more closely and found the lighthouse is open to visitors, 12.30-3.30pm on Sundays and cruise ship days.  By now it was 4pm, so we were too late to go inside.

On the drive home, we were very nearly involved in an accident.  Rounding a bend, a car ahead of us went over to the wrong side of the road, and almost crashed into an oncoming vehicle which was towing a boat.  The erring driver, who just managed to return to the left hand side, was Asian and the car was from Apex Car Rentals.  We followed them cautiously for a short distance, when they turned in a driveway and headed back towards Akaroa.  It was some time before we had sufficient cellphone coverage to be able to report the incident to the *555 Roadwatch line.

“A day in Akaroa – bliss
not so good – a car crash near miss.”

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