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A Mouse Called Bean (hard to get photo with so many lights)

We love the new Little High Eatery behind the McKenzie and Willis facade.  Most of the eight restaurants there were previously in the Re-start Mall, and they’re more enticing under cover on a cold day.  There are plenty of outdoor tables too for when the weather is warmer (and when there’s less construction noise next door).  We were there around 11am and just had coffee, but were impressed with the range of cheap meals available.  The place was buzzing with plenty of customers at that time on a Monday morning, and we will certainly go back for a meal soon.  We’d walked, but there’s a Wilson’s Car Park available just behind on St Asaph Street.  I like that they have long tables where you can end up sitting next and chatting to other people.  This is a great addition to post-quake Christchurch.

“I like this eatery on High
def’nitely one you can’t pass by.”


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