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Ducklings, the America’s Cup, and rain played havoc with my carefully planned list of activities for this morning.

First I planned to take my hand mower to a place just off Ferry Road for sharpening and service.  I got there before 10am to find it wasn’t yet open, which was annoying as I had a date in the Restart mall at 10.

A woman hailed me from a nearby garden requesting help.  There were a mother duck and ten tiny ducklings on the lawn.  Jenny explained that she had followed them down Ensors Road and was fearful that they were going to attempt to cross Ferry Road amid all the traffic.  She’d obtained a large cardboard carton, and was able to manoeuvre the little flock into a corner and place the box over them. (One duckling had to be quickly tucked inside with the others.)  I fetched a blanket from my car, which we managed to place over the top of the box, then we set off towards Ferry Road, Jenny holding the box with the ducks, me pushing her toddler in a buggy, and her other infant walking alongside.  We carefully crossed Ferry Road and entered the Edmonds Gardens.  There was a male duck waiting there and we fondly thought perhaps this might be the father?  Mother duck and her ten babies were released.  They quickly waddled to the pond and swam away, putative father following.  I hope they all live happily ever after.

By this time it was 10.10am.  I returned to the mower place which was still closed.  When I called them on my cellphone the man said he was watching THE boat race, and would be there by 10.30am.  I ascertained that he wouldn’t shut shop until 12.30pm and said I would return later.

I headed to the Restart Mall, where I was scheduled to join a group dancing to celebrate the International Day of Peace.   We managed just two dances before increasing rain drove us off.  I drove to South City and completed three more tasks, before delivering my mower and going home.

“My morning went not quite as planned,
’cause ducklings needed helping hand.”

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