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Love the Library

Our hotel wifi was totally inadequate.  The place was fully booked and it appears the system just can’t cope with that.  Luckily the Dunedin Public Library wasn’t far from our hotel and has excellent free internet access.  You book for 30 minutes, and if there’s no-one waiting you are continually offered an extra five minutes – this happened four times for me.

The library building is comparatively new and replaced an older Carnegie building.  (Sigh, I have a very soft spot for Carnegie Libraries having benefitted from them in my youth.)  I was struck by the amazing variety of artwork inside.  They even have a pamphlet of the Library Art Trail.  It all made me long for the time when Christchurch will have a new Central Library.  At least work on the site has started and it should be completed sometime next year.

“Dunedin library made me jealous.
I hope our building folk are zealous.”

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Library Largesse

Even when the library is closed on a public holiday their wifi is still accessible.  I went to return a book and found this person sitting outside the deserted building.


I imagine they were video skyping and had covered their head and screen to avoid too much light on the camera.  I put my book in the after hours returns box without disturbing them, but couldn’t resist a photo.

“The library wifi’s always on
so you can log in thereupon”

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They’ve finally started pouring concrete for the new Central Library.


Only another couple of years to wait now.  I often go to meetings and classes at South Library, and look forward to when some of these may be offered closer to home.

“A library in Cathedral Square
I look forward to its opening there.”




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