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This morning’s ‘Press’ has a review of the latest version of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.  I haven’t seen this, but have seen several other versions over the years, and love the songs.  Reviewer Charlie Gates complained that every central character is male except for the narrator.  Perhaps he’s unaware that the show was originally written for a schoolboy choir in London?  I still have a copy of the first recording of the complete work, and fondly remember our local vicar introducing “Any Dream will Do” to a church service in the 1970s.

Charlie’s review states that Tim Rices’s lyrics are smart and playful and says: “It’s rare that rhyming couplets make you chuckle, but his do.”  I’m proud to report that people often say my couplets make them laugh.

“Tim  Rice is not the only one
whose rhymes bring giggles cos they’re fun.”





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