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Today, 10th April, marks thirty years since I was initiated into Women’s Mysteries.   This was at the end of an Auckland University Extension course facilitated by Lea Holford. I’d done Women’s Studies courses before, and had read books, such as “The Paradise Papers”, later known as “When God was a Woman”.  In 1984 I saw Lea’s course advertised, and thought I might go, but left enrolling until just before it started.  I was surprised to find that it was already fully subscribed and I had missed out.  In 1985 I made sure to enrol early.

Lea introduced us to rituals and to many of the ancient Goddesses.  The experiential course culminated in an initiation ritual which had a profound effect on me, and the group which formed after the course became an important part of my spiritual expression and exploration.  Learning about the Goddess added a new dimension to my life.  I saw my place in the world differently, and gained a perspective that’s reflected in everything I do and am.

I helped to organise some large rituals, later taught workshops and courses on Women’s Spirituality, and eventually became a registered marriage celebrant.  Several recent events have reminded me of that early learning.  I took out the initiation card I’d received in 1985 and was intrigued to find the date on it was so close.  It’s satisfying to look back on thirty years of celebration of the seasons and rites of passage.

Initiation card

Initiation card

I wonder how readers of this blog have come to realise/choose their spirituality, and what different paths you may have chosen.

“In sacred circles I have learned
the mysteries for which I yearned.”



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