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Weather this morning was perfect for our Avon Loop Heritage Walk which I had the privilege of leading.  Whenever I plan an outdoor public event the weather is good, and I sometimes wonder when/if the weather goddess will desert me.  21 people gathered at The Bricks at 10am.  Last week I had been disturbed to find the cairn had been boxed over, so I asked Otakaro if they would please put a sign to indicate what it was, and they obligingly did so.

Ruth at The (boxed) Bricks

When I first planned the walk my intention was to follow the south side of the river round Oxford Terrace, but a few weeks ago Otakaro announced they were going to start work on the riverbank enhancement and they closed off Oxford Terrace with metal fences.  To accommodate our walk the project manager arranged for us to have access to the Red Zone area and he accompanied us along that part.

The Project Manager met us at the fence

Approaching from a different angle made it harder to be sure just where certain homes had been, but we managed.  After walking along Bangor Street and Kilmore Street as far as Fitzgerald Avenue we finished at the Community Cottage where we offered people a cup of tea.  The walkers included several former residents of the Loop, and everyone seemed pleased to hear stories of the area.

Inside the Community Cottage

I devised a similar walk in 1992 to celebrate the Avon Loop Planning Association’s 20th anniversary.  That one concentrated on buildings, but most of them have gone now so today’s walk was more about history and stories.  My thanks to Sandra and Glenn who helped, and to Simone for the photos.  I hope we can repeat the walk when the new river path is opened early in 2020.

The past is always good to share
so people know just what went where

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