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Somehow this week’s heatwave seems harder to take than the previous one.

is for more
than thirty degrees
I put on a loose cotton frock
and retreat out the back to our shady patio
at these times we are warned not to exert ourselves and to be sure to stay hydrated
I sit beside the garden pool with a long cool drink. conserving all my energy
and feeling grateful
I don’t need
to go

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While Auckland copes with the aftermath of flooding and Coromandel assesses the damage to its vital roads, Canterbury is experiencing a heatwave.

At 11.30am today the temperature in our shady backyard is already 30°, the third day in a row it’s been this high, with similar temperatures expected for the next few days. I’ve completed my few essential chores and am conserving my energy by sitting in the swing-seat drafting this blog post.

Last night’s lowest temperature was 20°, and Christchurch Hospital was completely without power for an hour. I hate to think what conditions must have been like for patients and staff.

I slept soundly with just a sheet over me. Today we have doors and windows open, but the backyard is the place to be, especially as there is a light breeze.

Shady spot

With no need for physical exertion, I’m able to remain comfortable despite the heat, and won’t be going for any walks today. I’m very aware that the climate crisis means we must expect many more days like this.

I keep thinking of the Cole Porter song, Too Darn Hot, sung by Ella Fitzgerald (who apparently was Marilyn Monroe’s favourite singer). There may well be a few people humming this today.

The weather’s getting too darn hot
I’m grateful for my shady spot

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