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Winter Solstice, which will occur early tomorrow morning, is the ‘dead’ of winter.  The hiatus when the sun reaches its furthest point, then light slowly starts to increase, and life slowly starts to return to the earth.  The coldest time is yet to come, and when it’s here increasing light reminds us that summer too will come.

This is time for seasonal rose pruning – leaving plants bare to prepare for summer growth.  Autumn leaves have been raked away to become compost and mulch ( or in the case of my walnut tree, stowed in the green Council bin to be dealt with elsewhere).  There’s a sense of preparation, of waiting.  What will spring bring?  For me, there’s the expectation of a visit from a distant daughter.  What hopes are you nurturing for spring?

“Sun standing still provides the reason
to celebrate our Solstice season.”

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