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Today I’m thrilled to welcome the thousandth follower to my blog.  She is AbbieLu who loves to talk books and drink coffee.  Great to have you along AbbieLu!

“I never thought I’d see this day.
One thousand people come my way.”

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At the beginning of March this blog reached 500 followers, and now the total is 615.  Every day there are two or three more, and I wish I knew why.  Is there some WordPress tactic that sends more people my way once a certain level has been reached?  I love seeing the numbers grow, and I’d love to have an inkling as to why.  Few of the new followers write comments.  This is a plea to them to please tell me why you came.  While growing numbers validate me as a writer, and add impetus to my inspiration, I can’t quite believe they’ve all been attracted by the quality of my writing (or can I?).

“My followers are flocking here.
They all just suddenly appear.”

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During the first half of January I was thrilled to find I was receiving notifications of new followers every day, sometimes several in one day.  I can’t work out why – there didn’t seem to be any new searches or referrers.  Maybe it was something WordPress was doing?  By Saturday 17th my total followers had reached 398, and I thought I’d better keep an eye out so I could welcome number 400.  Then, on Sunday, the number dropped to 397!  Someone had abandoned me :-(.   I’m sure this must have happened before, but I’d never been aware of it, and it did feel just a tiny bit personal.

However, a few more followers came along, and today I’m delighted to welcome Follower no. 400, who is Kacherelle, who blogs about The Adventures of Mamma Kach.  I’m grateful to all of my followers, especially those who leave comments!

“Four hundred follow what I write
and more may come along tonight.”


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