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Delightful Lights

Regular readers know that I am fond of flamingoes.   As I’ve loved them for more than twenty years I like to take some responsibility for their current popularity.  I was pleased to be given a set of three solar flamingo lights.   These are perched outside my kitchen window and they give a friendly greeting when I come home.

Pink flamingoes

After dark their heads and tails are lit up.

Flamingoes at night

These pink flamingoes welcome me
day or night, they’re good to see

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Years ago I read about a man who decorated the outside of his house with 50 pink (plastic) flamingoes for his wife’s 50th birthday.  I liked this idea and hinted to family and friends that it would be a good idea for my 50th, but sadly the flamingoes never came.   They were an American product and I assume my Green friends were conserving overseas funds.

Some time later I was staying with a friend in Wellington.  She took me to a florist cum gift shop, and there was ‘my’ flamingo, which I brought home with me.  She’s lived happily in my garden every since, just slightly faded from the sunshine.

Pink flamingo

Pink flamingo

I was intrigued to read in yesterday’s “Press” an advertisement for exactly the same flamingoes, apparently a classic icon of pop culture which can add an “exotic” touch to your home.  They are offering a boxed set of two, which makes me wonder whether my flamingo may be lonely.  Artist Don Featherstone was awarded the 1996 Ig Nobel Art Prize for his creation of the Pink Flamingo.  Genuine ones have the artist’s signature on the rear underside.  I feel it would be rude of me to check.

“My flamingo stands all alone.
Now, does she raise my garden’s tone?”

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