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Error at Epsom

Epsom Girl’s Grammar School (EGGS), my alma mater, is in the news today, because some kōiwi/ human bones were discovered there. I gather the bones were actually a skeleton once used in science classes. I took science in the 3rd and 4th forms, but have no memory of any skeleton. Apart from the unpleasant task of dissecting a cow’s eye, the thing I remember from science classes is a teacher saying “Girls, you should never resist the urge to purge.” In the 5th and 6th forms science was not offered to those of us who were taking Latin. I did continue with maths, and remember when we studied trigonometry, the teacher would sometimes say that the girls who were taking science would understand a particular concept, with the implication that those taking Latin wouldn’t, and I didn’t.

When I sought an illustration for this blog post I felt sure I’ve kept a School Magazine from the early 1960s, but have no idea where it is. What I could easily locate was my third form maths prize.

Plate from my only school prize

The incident that has put EGGS in the news today is the fact that two Māori pupils were asked to perform a karakia for the newly discovered bones, and their parents have pointed out that this was not acceptable within tikanga.

When my mother died in 1995 I knew it would be incorrect to put her ashes in the local river, and instead I scattered them in my garden and mixed them with the soil. I later became involved with Te Runaka ki Otautahi o Kai Tahu, and was surprised to find how open and generous they were, compared with Māori activists I’d previously met in Auckland. At a tikanga class I learned that having human ashes scattered in the garden meant it would be unsafe for any pregnant Māori woman to enter our property. I eventually discussed this with a visiting friend who has expertise in Māori spirituality and he performed a cleansing ritual so any danger was removed.

It seems that current leaders at EGGS have not had the privilege of much tikanga instruction. In my day the school population was almost entirely Pākehā, but surely that will have changed by now. After this incident they will be keen for more cultural education.

You don’t know what you do not know
best to hold back and take things slow

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Easter’s come early to the Restart Mall.  The Big Egg Hunt is on again, and large eggs have landed in the city.  Here are some I saw today.


'Skyline' by Anneke Stewart

‘Skyline’ by Anneke Stewart

'Kaimoana Y Vida Marina' by Cinzah Merkens

‘Kaimoana Y Vida Marina’ by Cinzah Merkens

'Aotearoatiki' by Mandii Pope

‘Aotearoatiki’ by Mandii Pope

'Homespun Egg' by Hannah Kidd

‘Homespun Egg’ by Hannah Kidd


There must be more around too.  Have you seen them?

“Did some large hen produce these ones?
And will there be huge Easter buns?”





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