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‘Diverse Women is the current show at the Eastside Gallery in Linwood.  There are works from 18 women artists, ranging in age from 10 to over 70 years.  The exhibition is intended as a tribute to the many facets of women’s art: perfect, imperfect, and everything in between!  No photos allowed, but you approach the show through these lovely old glass library doors – a work of art in themselves.


I enjoyed many of the works.  Rae Tiernan had mosaiced shapes.  Tune Kriel, had birds at reasonable prices.  Linda James showed portraits, and Robyn Kilty has drawn real women.  Ilya Kriel‘s digital paintings added another dimension, as did the contrast photographs from Rita Thornley, a year 11 student.  Nicky Taylor’s mixed media worked well, but I found her acrylics less appealing.  There’s something for everyone in this exhibition, which finishes on Saturday 29 January.

The Gallery is just 1.5 km from home, so good walking distance.  On the way back I felt thirsty, wished I’d bought a drink bottle, and wondered whether I’d need to detour to buy an iceblock.  Serendipitously I found a little park in Worcester Street, between Stanmore Road and Fitzgerald Avenue, which has a drinking fountain.  It doesn’t seem to be listed on the CCC website.  Maybe it’s new?

“It’s good to see this show of art
where diverse women can take part.”


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