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Easter’s come early to the Restart Mall.  The Big Egg Hunt is on again, and large eggs have landed in the city.  Here are some I saw today.


'Skyline' by Anneke Stewart

‘Skyline’ by Anneke Stewart

'Kaimoana Y Vida Marina' by Cinzah Merkens

‘Kaimoana Y Vida Marina’ by Cinzah Merkens

'Aotearoatiki' by Mandii Pope

‘Aotearoatiki’ by Mandii Pope

'Homespun Egg' by Hannah Kidd

‘Homespun Egg’ by Hannah Kidd


There must be more around too.  Have you seen them?

“Did some large hen produce these ones?
And will there be huge Easter buns?”





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Giant Easter eggs have popped up in various locations around town.  More have been laid in Wellington and Auckland.  I saw these two in Latimer Square, and  they are also in Cathedral Square and the Restart Mall.

Egg no. 10 by Christian Nicholson

Egg no. 10 by Christian Nicholson

Egg no. 39 by Jimmy James Kouratoras

Egg no. 39 by Jimmy James Kouratoras

Each of the 100 eggs has been designed by an artist and they’re all part of a fundraising project for Starship Children’s Hospital.  It’s fun and helps to brighten up our city.

It’s just a pity that so few people realise that Easter is actually a spring festival, and we should celebrate it in spring instead of slavishly following the Northern hemisphere.

“It would be a more nat’ral thing
to celebrate Easter in spring.”

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