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The national earthquake memorial is huge.  The marble wall looks bland from across the river.

But close up there’s lots to see and contemplate.

I did wonder about the blank parts of the wall.  It’s almost as though they’re waiting for more disasters to be inscribed.  The Mauri with its constantly running water is a great idea.

No memorial will suit everyone, and this will meet many needs.  I still find the 185 chairs more moving.

“For me, the chairs just say it all
and I prefer them to the wall.”

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A hi-viz vest now covers a tree on the old Manufacturers’ Association site at the corner of Manchester Street and Cambridge Terrace.

Noticeable tree

Noticeable tree

It’s the work of Peter Majendie, who also created the earthquake memorial with the 185 white chairs.  The tree has been decorated in preparation for tomorrow’s second anniversary of the February earthquake, to mark the launch of a new earthquake fund.

The border was sewn on to the cloth by Joyce Majendie, the artist’s wife.

“I’ve never seen a tree so bright
or hi-viz vest of such a height.”


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