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The cherry blossom’s out in Harper Avenue, always a joyful sign of spring.


I couldn’t resist crossing the road to enjoy the daffodils too.


When people are crossing, the traffic lights stop the cars to let pedestrians and cyclists through – just as it should be.

“The cherry blossom is superb
with daffodils beside the kerb.”

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The pot of mini-daffodils on offer at the Supermarket this week was a temptation I couldn’t resist.  My dislike of spring celebrations in autumn was not enough to deter me.

'Easter' daffodils

‘Easter’ daffodils

On Thursday they had just one open flower.  Today there are a dozen beautiful blooms.  More than enough to give an unseasonal taste of spring.

I noticed on the checkout screen they came up as ‘dressed daffodils’.  Presumably this was because they came with a little nest of eggs,which we promptly exiled to the back garden.

Easter nest

Easter nest

I wonder, will any leftover pots be cheaper next week, minus nests, and selling as ‘undressed daffodils’?

“This lovely pot of daff’s can bring
an out-of-season taste of spring.”

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