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lapping at
our threshold today
Gabrielle did not reach us here
but we are on a flood plain and climate change looms near
the end of the world is easier to imagine than the end of capitalism
we desperately need a full stop to rampant growth
decision-makers are too slow
young folk understand
their future

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My pampered puss

Did you know if you have a pet
you also have a climate debt?
American research has shown
some facts not previously known.
A large dog like a Labrador
has now been proved to emit more
than twice the carbon that’s set free
by one who drives an SUV.

Our puss cats who are carnivores
warm up the climate with their paws.
It seems that each companion pet
may hasten earth’s extinction, yet
I love my cat, I have just one
and when it all is said and done
my children number only two
some credit surely must accrue?

A chicken’s said to be ideal
leftover scraps comprise their meal
they give us eggs with good protein
but sadly they are seldom seen
within our cities cos it’s said
they might disturb the folks in bed
they need good space for clucky chats
that’s rarely found in newer flats

Too many pets around it seems
we all may have to curb our dreams
have fewer pets and those ones small
alternatively none at all
I couldn’t love a bird or rat
the way that I adore my cat
and know that I could never wish
To swap my feline for a fish

© Ruth Gardner



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A week of Climate Action culminated in a Parade today from Cathedral Square.

My contribution to the week was to deliver 500 leaflets and to attend the parade, along with hundreds ofothers.  I marched for the same cause back in November 2015, and I’m not sure there’s been any progress since then.  The news today is that people with seasaide properties may soon be unable to insure them.  At least I walked to the parade, rather than taking a car.

“There seems so little we can do
as all our weather goes askew.”

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Melting Penguins

Melting Penguins

This mural on the corner of Oxford Terrace and Worcester Boulevard makes a statement about climate change.  By street artists, BMD, it shows penguins marching towards the edge of the ice, and melting as they go.  It was commissioned as part of the recent Ice Fest, which focussed on Antarctica.

“We need to combat climate change,
else all our world will re-arrange.”


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