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Game of Thrones?

Morning sun strikes the bathroom early and our cat Ziggy likes to sit on the toilet lid waiting for the warmth to reach him.

If I wish to use the facilities I have to push him off, whereupon he drowns his sorrows lapping water from the shower base.  As soon as his throne is free he jumps up to claim it once again.

It’s just as well the lid is down
or he might fall inside and drown

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Cool Cat

What do you do on a very hot day?  I often sit out on the patio where there is shade and maybe a breeze.  Inside we keep lots of windows open so there is a cross-draught.  We’ve never yet needed to use the heat pump as an air-conditioner, but that may happen as the climate changes.

On a recent hot day Ziggy thought that a cool bath was the best place to be.

His long fur must be uncomfortable, but I’m not sure he’d appreciate it if I turned on the tap.  I’ve read that a damp cloth can be used to cool a hot cat, and if he seemed stressed by the heat I might try that.  Mostly he just sleeps the hot day away, an example I could be tempted to emulate.

‘A cool bath could be just the thing
alleviating summer’s sting.’

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Pillow Partner Puss

I woke this morning to find my pillow was occupied and I got out very carefully to avoid waking this sleeping beauty.

‘It’s lucky that he doesn’t snore
or try to move me with his paw.’


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Congenial Cat

My dear friend Carol came to stay for the weekend and Ziggy was concerned she should not feel lonely at night.  In the morning I found the two of them fast asleep and couldn’t resist taking a photograph.

Ziggy even slept on her bed during the day, just to make sure it was comfortable.

‘He wanted to ensure our guest
enjoyed a warm and snuggly rest.’



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Puss on Pump

Ziggy often spends the late afternoon lying on the heat pump’s outside unit on the front porch.  It’s warm from the sun, but is screened by the trellis and roses.  He can look out and see without being seen.

‘Our cat might just be watching you
and you may hear a friendly mew.’

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Common Cat?

I went to Our Vets to stock up on Ziggy’s special dental diet.  The staff member asked for his name, to note the purchase on his record.  She told me there are 104 animals on their database with the name Ziggy, which surprised me.  We didn’t name our Ziggy, he arrived already named (his full title is Avon Ziggy Stardust).  I guess there must be many David Bowie fans around.   Bob Marley’s son, who is a musician like his dad, is also called Ziggy.

Our uncommon cat

We won’t tell our Ziggy that he has so many namesakes.  I think he’d rather imagine that he’s unique, and we know he’s special.

‘Although our cat may share his name
at home he has the highest fame.’

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Puss in Post

Ziggy likes to spend time in his ‘office’.  This is an old office chair out in the shed, where there’s a comfortable sack for him to sleep on.

You might think that’s a stash of cider behind the chair, but the bottles are actually filled with water – part of our earthquake preparedness.  I rotate these and refill two every three weeks, so that none of it is more than six months old.  We also have a good stock of non-perishable food, and a gas camping stove.  Are you well-provisioned in case of emergency?

‘Our Ziggy likes to oversee
what we’ve stocked for emergency.’

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Quiescent Quadruped

Our beautiful cat was totally relaxed.

Ziggy relaxed

This is not an uncommon pose for him.

Facebook has decreed that they will no longer allow automatic sharing of WordPress blog posts to my Facebook profile.  I regret this as I often get comments from Facebook friends.  Many thanks to those of you who follow my blog directly.  Your loyalty and comments are a great incentive for my blogging.  I need to think carefully about whether/how I will share blog posts on Facebook in future.

“This cat is very relax-ed
no worried thoughts invade his head.”





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Cat on Mat

The small mat inside the back door is intended for people to wipe their feet on.  However, on these cold days Ziggy finds it a much better place to sit than the floor tiles.

“The fluffy cat sat on the mat
it’s fur, you know, he’s not that fat.”

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Sun Seeker

When there’s a tiny bit of sun in the morning Ziggy will move onto the window sill, instead of occupying my printer.

Ziggy on window sill in sunshine

He knows all the warmest spots.

“He is a fluffy mastermind
at seeking warmth for his behind.”


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