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Hundreds of Volkswagens are on display today at the corner of Madras and Gloucester Streets, as part of the VW 2019 Nationals.  There are Beetles of every vintage, some beautifully shiny, others a little shabby.

Bevy of Beetles

I was surprised to find the yellow one in the front of the photo belongs to someone I know, but he didn’t appear to be around.  I think it’s a 1974 model.  It has a new engine, and is for sale at $16,000.  Many Combis were there too:

Collection of Combis

I’ve never had much to do with VWs although a close friend had one from new for forty years, until someone ran into it and it was written off (she was okay).

These cars were originally made by a Nazi company, and it was Hitler’s pet project to develop and produce an affordable yet still speedy vehicle that could sell for less than 1,000 Reich marks (about $US 140 at the time).    After the war ended, the Allies made Volkswagen the focus of their attempts to resuscitate the German auto industry.

Volkswagen sales in the United States were initially slower than in other parts of the world, due to the car’s historic Nazi connections as well as its small size and unusual rounded shape.  In 1959, an advertising agency launched a campaign, dubbing the car the “Beetle” and promoting its diminutive size as an advantage to consumers.  In 1972 the Beetle surpassed the longstanding worldwide production record of 15 million vehicles, set by Ford Motor Company’s legendary Model T between 1908 and 1927.

The small and compact people’s car
has been adopted wide and far.

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Cute Car

This cute vehicle was parked at Merivale Mall, and I wondered why its ‘number plate’ read ‘Independent’ – too many characters for a proper plate.

Then I realised it was an electric mobility scooter.   These can be used only on the footpath, or on a cycle lane when appropriate.  The cost for one of these is $7,995 plus freight.

‘This car is an attractive cutie
a scooter that is such a beauty.’

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I was intrigued by this number plate.  There was no advertising on the vehicle to indicate what the meaning might be.

Is the driver a farmer with a gun?  Or perhaps a fan of the Andrews Sisters?

“I wonder if they have the habit
of going out to shoot a rabbit.”

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The Maserati with this number plate was appropriately parked outside Southern Eye Specialists.  I couldn’t help thinking you’d need a large income to afford it, and to pay for the petrol.  I doubt it’s electric?

“As petrol prices go up high
this will not be the car to buy.”



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‘Dorable Daisy

This cute car named Daisy caught my eye.  It reminded me of the Austin A35 I had in the 1970’s  She too was decorated with flowers and we named her Floribunda.  Sadly I don’t have a photograph – no digital cameras then.

Daisy’s owner told me she was shipped here from Tasmania, and her husband refused to disclo9se the cost of freight.

“I love a car with character
am glad the owner’s stuck with her.”

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Cute Cat

Ziggy looks sweet sitting with his paws crossed.

Sometimes he just lays it all out.

“Our Ziggy is a charming cat
with paws crossed or when laid out flat.”

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This number plate caught my eye, and I wondered what it signified.

Blaaah (Small)

Thanks to Aunty Google I discovered that Blaaah is a phonetic expansion on the word blah, usually used to emphasize extreme boredom or disinterest.  It’s typically used on the Internet especially in chatrooms.  There’s a Blaaah magazine (actually more of a Blaaahg), and a Blaaah app that lets you create animated voice messages.  None of this new knowledge enlightens me as to why anyone would want to put Blaaah on their car’s number plate.

“I wonder why you would put Blaaah
as the i.d. plate on your car.”


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Bandaged Buggy?

This car looked to me as though it had a bandage over its back wheel.

Bandaged car (Small)

I gather the firm specialises in disaster recovery services, and I think the logo may be meant to signify that they wrap around the world.   To me it looks more like a sticking plaster.  What do you think?

“It looked like damage to the car
with band aid cov’ring up the scar.”




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This unusual car was parked on the footpath in Tuam Street.

1959 Edsel

1959 Edsel

It’s a 1959 Ford Edsel and the sign in the rear window reads “Built with spanners, not chopsticks”.  I couldn’t help wondering how much fuel it consumes, and why it is that people with these classic cars often seem to think they have the right to park on the footpath!

“This pretty pink car ought to be
parked on the road more legally.”

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This 1947 Morris 10, complete with fluffy dice, was blatantly parked on the footpath outside Subway today.

Bad car!

Bad car!

Maybe its owner thinks because it’s a vintage car it doesn’t need to obey the road rules.  What if someone with a pram or a mobility scooter wants to get by?

At first I thought there was no registration sticker, then I saw it was stuck to the rear side window.  I thought these were supposed to go on the windscreen?

“”Upon the path it should not be
a bad, bad car, you must agree.”

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