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24 hours after the patio was flooded, we were breakfasting outside in 20 degree sunshine.  Our weather is certainly changeable!  Now that we’ve stepped aside from paid work, every day is a holiday, but we can’t help joining in the general pleasure of a holiday weekend.  For Easter Saturday Stephen made us a special breakfast of Oefs en Cocotte.

Chicken and mushroom, together with a baked egg, make this especially delicious.  We sipped our tea or coffee, leisurely read the “Press’, and thought lazily about how we might spend the rest of the day.  I hope my readers are all enjoying their Easter break.  Great to hear that so many volunteers are helping those in the Bay of Plenty to sort out the aftermath of Cuclone Cook.

“Although each day’s a holiday
today’s a special time to play.”

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Black Betty is one of our favourite places for breakfast.  The interesting selection of food is always good, and there’s a great opportunity for people watching.  When we arrived at close to 9am the cafe was buzzing busily, with  the queue being efficiently dealt with.

Black Betty Breakfast (Small)

Stephen had the Shakshouka, and I had Stacey’s Stack – all scrumptious.

The crowd was eclectic!  I was particularly taken by a young woman with long turquoise hair and a black beanie with bobbles on top, a la mousketeers.   I would have liked a photo but didn’t feel I could ask.

“There’s always something new to see
when eating out with Black Betty.”




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Breakfast this morning was at Supreme Supreme, a new cafe in the building that once housed Hop Yick’s Asian Warehouse.  It’s a large space with an industrial ambience.

Supreme Supreme

Supreme Supreme

High ceilings must make it hard to heat, although the northerly aspect helps.  We were warm enough but I noted one staff member was wearing a beanie.  There’s a large commercial kitchen where they make jams and sauces as well as meals and cabinet food.  At 9am there were at least seven staff on duty, and a similar number of customers, but by the time we left a couple of dozen more customers had come in.  All the staff wear industrial-type aprons with pockets – very practical.

My breakfast choice was pulled corned silverside with potato, herb hash, and a poached egg, for $18.  This was delicious and an excellent choice.  Rather than a big brekkie, they offer poached eggs with extras.  Stephen had eggs, bacon, hash browns, and homemade baked beans, which came to $25, a little more expensive than other places.

Our breakfast

Our breakfast

They use tea leaves, not bags (hurray!), and my tea was served in a fine china cup, a pleasant change from the many cafes which use thick cups for tea.  The accompanying hot water came in a little bottle, which was uncomfortably hot to hold, and I needed two refills.  Stephen queried whether his homemade baked beans had been properly baked.  He suspected they may have had sauce added after cooking.  The evidence was pieces of tomato in the sauce which would usually have disappeared in the baking process.

We’re pleased to have found a new central city breakfast location, especially one that opens at 8am on weekends (7am on weekdays), and will certainly go again.  We did miss the lovely Hop Yick cat, and hope he’s found a happy retirement.

Afterwards we made our weekly visit to the Downtown Farmers’ Market for vegetables and eggs.  Today we also bought apples, pickled onions, jam, and nougat.  I love our weekly market shop.  It makes the central city finally seem like a community, something that’s been missing for me since the earthquakes.  Meeting friends at the market, and returning my library book in the same area all helps.

“We found a good new breakfast place
then went up to the market space.”


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