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Excellent Eggs

When I was a child, back in the days of the “Trades Alphabet” (who remembers that?) I joined the ‘Egg a day’ club, and proudly wore their badge.

As an adult, for many years my breakfast of choice was a boiled egg and toast.  In the early 1980’s we were on holiday with a group of friends, one of whom was a G.P. and sternly told me that I should not eat an egg every day.  I don’t think I took a great deal of notice then, but in recent years my weekday breakfast has tended to be porridge, and I’ve saved the eggs for weekend omelettes.

At my annual “Well Woman” check my doctor told me my level of B12 was low and I should eat more eggs – at least five a week.  I’m very happy to do this, and this morning I had a boiled egg and porridge.  By coincidence, today I came across an article which says that eating eggs makes you kinder.   My doctor didn’t tell me that!  Perhaps she thinks I couldn’t be any kinder?

“I might go back to egg a day
and grow more kindly in that way.”


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