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Today my blog turns fourteen, the age at which a child can legitimately be left on its own, as it may well be over the next few busy weeks.  I probably won’t resist the temptation to check and see how many people visit each day, especially as my stat’s have increased over the last couple of months.  There’s no obvious reason, but I’m grateful to all those who visit and to those who leave comments.  The total number of visits this week ticked over a quarter of a million, which is amazing.

Did you know that a tetradecahedron is a polyhedron with fourteen faces?

Tuesday was the first of my Te Reo classes, and we were instructed to do ‘home play’, not homework.  My usual home play is Wordscraper or blogging, but I don’t think that was what was intended.

Some random thoughts for Blog’s birthday
not much significant to say

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Dear WordPress kindly keeps a log
of those who come to read my blog
this year the numbers started high
but I know they soon drop if I
don’t post one day, or even two
so daily posts I try to do.
I’ve all the time I need to write
but inspiration can take flight
I need a prompt, something I’ve read
or something that I’ve seen instead
to gently prod the muse awake
and give creative juice a shake.
Sometimes my writing may seem tired
but other times it’s most inspired
and if there’s comments (more than one)
I feel my work has been well done
my self-esteem is greatly buoyed
to know my writing is enjoyed.

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I plan to make some changes to my posting on this blog.  Usually when I write here it’s because of something I’ve seen and photographed.  Readers tell me they appreciate my chronicle of what’s happening in central Christchurch.  If nothing inspires me I don’t write, and that’s okay.  My poetry group provides a fortnightly theme which sometimes gives me material for a blog post.  Lately I’ve felt my writing’s gone stale and needs a change.  For more than twelve years I’ve been writing mainly about what I’ve observed and experienced.  A very few of my 1495 followers leave comments (thank you!).  Often there is more reaction from friends on Facebook than on the blog.  My average daily views for the whole of 2018 is 38, compared to 49 in 2017, even though I’ve gained 70 new followers this year.  I enjoy blogging, especially the contact it gives me with those readers who respond.

My New Year resolution is to experiment with writing first, and illustrating afterwards, rather than starting with a photo.  Lately I’ve experimented with illustrating some posts with flat lay photos, which are creatively satisfying.  My writing in the last few months has been mainly poems, and I plan to try more prose, probably still ending with a rhyming couplet (because I enjoy them).  I also plan to write on paper first, rather than straight on computer, as I think that allows more creativity and thought.  I have a book of writing prompts 642 Things to Write About, which I sometimes use to spark ideas, and I have daringly decided that I will actually start writing on its pages.  This seems almost sacrilegious, but it’s what the book’s intended for.  I will try to follow one prompt every day.

It’s impossible difficult to take a selfie of me writing because I use my left hand for both pen and camera.

‘I trust my readers are agog
anticipating my changed blog.’

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Blog Birthday

This blog began on 5th March 2006, so today marks eleven years of my blogging.


It started slowly with travel stories.  As I got hooked the numbers of followers grew until now they total 1,470.  Two years ago there were just 500.  It’s been fun to meet new people online, and sometimes in person.  I’ve had someone knock on my door and introduce herself as a blog reader, and been accosted in the supermarket by someone who recognised me from my blog.  Most of my readers come from New Zealand, with good numbers from U.S., U.K., and Australia.  In the last month I’ve even had a couple from Algeria.

In 2007 I joined Facebook, and WordPress soon kindly organised for my posts to be automatically published there.  I often get more comments on Facebook than I do on the original post.  Late last year Facebook added an ‘On this day’ facility which I appreciate because it offers me the chance to read what I’ve written on this particular date over the past decade.  I’m especially enjoying it at this time of year when I have the chance to re-read posts written during the 50 days we were under military surveillance behind the cordon.

I’ve developed my own style, alliterative titles, a photo with almost every post, and a rhyming couplet to finish.  Blogging has helped me develop an identity as a writer.  I love getting feedback and always try to answer any comments.

Wonderful WordPress provides this platform totally for free, which never ceases to amaze me.  They kindly host my 3,181 posts, and tell me I’ve used only 12% of my available storage space.  The number of people who visit each day fluctuates, and my aim this year is to attract at least 50 visitors a day.  So far I’m well ahead of that.

“Dear Reader, I’m glad you came by
I’ll try to keep your interest high.”

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Blog Bonus

Facebook has kindly added an “On this Day” feature to my News Feed.  Because I’ve been on Facebook for nine years, and blogging frequently for ten years, there’s something in this feature every day.  What shows are the blog posts I’ve made which are automatically re-published on my Facebook account.  Today there are five entries with one dating back to 2008.  For me it’s like reading an old diary and I enjoy it.  While I don’t support some of Facebook’s manoeuvres, especially re advertising, I’m happy to have them sort my posts in this way.  What do you think of the ‘On this day’ feature?  Or do you eschew Facebook?

“I like to read of years gone by
especially as posts multiply.”

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Saturday 5 March marks ten years since I started blogging.

tenth birthday cake

During that time I’ve published 2,882 posts, about earthquakes, cats, and other subjects.  It’s amazing to look back at all that’s happened during that time, to think that I’m still writing here, still enjoying it, and to know that some of you have been faithful readers for so many years.  Thank you for encouraging me to continue and especially for your comments.

“I’ve blogged here now for ten long years
shared ups and downs, my laughter, tears.”


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Today I’m thrilled to welcome the thousandth follower to my blog.  She is AbbieLu who loves to talk books and drink coffee.  Great to have you along AbbieLu!

“I never thought I’d see this day.
One thousand people come my way.”

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At the beginning of March this blog reached 500 followers, and now the total is 615.  Every day there are two or three more, and I wish I knew why.  Is there some WordPress tactic that sends more people my way once a certain level has been reached?  I love seeing the numbers grow, and I’d love to have an inkling as to why.  Few of the new followers write comments.  This is a plea to them to please tell me why you came.  While growing numbers validate me as a writer, and add impetus to my inspiration, I can’t quite believe they’ve all been attracted by the quality of my writing (or can I?).

“My followers are flocking here.
They all just suddenly appear.”

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This blog was created on 5 March 2006, so today I’m celebrating nine years of blogging.  The most significant milestone recently is that I now have more than 500 followers.  I am obsessed by enjoy the challenge of trying to write something every day.  Sometimes I draft several posts at the weekend, then slowly publish them during the week.   I’ve also learned to simply leave the blog be if I don’t have any inspiration or energy for it.

Thanks to everyone who follows, and especially those who comment (lurkers are appreciated too).  I hope for your many happy returns.  Can anyone tell me how I can ‘like’ a comment?  I don’t seem to have an option for this, but other people do it.

“If you’d all been here to partake
I might have even baked a cake.”

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During the first half of January I was thrilled to find I was receiving notifications of new followers every day, sometimes several in one day.  I can’t work out why – there didn’t seem to be any new searches or referrers.  Maybe it was something WordPress was doing?  By Saturday 17th my total followers had reached 398, and I thought I’d better keep an eye out so I could welcome number 400.  Then, on Sunday, the number dropped to 397!  Someone had abandoned me :-(.   I’m sure this must have happened before, but I’d never been aware of it, and it did feel just a tiny bit personal.

However, a few more followers came along, and today I’m delighted to welcome Follower no. 400, who is Kacherelle, who blogs about The Adventures of Mamma Kach.  I’m grateful to all of my followers, especially those who leave comments!

“Four hundred follow what I write
and more may come along tonight.”


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