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We’d been to Dan’s Produce Market to get the mushrooms I’d forgotten on Friday and some cheap cherries ($5.99 a kilo). It was lunchtime and we thought we’d go to a cafĂ©, then noticed Erawan Thai Restaurant on the corner of Hills and Shirley Roads. Outside there are two topiary elephants:

Topiary elephant

They offer a $15 lunch special, and I chose Pad Med Ma Muang, stir fried vegetables with cashew nuts and chicken.

Ruth lunching at Erawan Thai

We sat in an attractive outdoor area beside the Dudley Creek and watched people passing by on the walkway to Slater Street. Our meals were generous and tasty, and afterwards we browsed the nearby Salvation Army op shop, which had an inviting array of goods. I was tempted by a large glass punch bowl with cups and ladle for only $25, but where would I store it? It’s been many years since I’ve served punch, and not likely I will do so in the near future.

The Bakery and Cafe next to Erawan Thai has all its seating cordoned off and is operating for takeaways only. I wonder if this is because of fewer customers or because they can’t get sufficient staff?

So good to try new place for lunch
and we don’t have a need for punch

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As the Omicron variant of Covid 19 edges ever closer to our community we are making preparations for when we move into the red traffic light system and/or we need to isolate.

In past lock-downs we were pleased to have supplies delivered by Countdown. Last year they were the only central city supermarket offering this online service, but New World now also provides deliveries. We prefer to deal with New World as they are Aotearoa-owned and this week we decided to test their online order and delivery service, in case we may need it. The procedure was similar to Countdown’s but it might have been wise to read all the online info first. I ended up contacting their digital assistant, and didn’t manage to order the two apples I wanted (not 1 kg), but that’s a minor quibble and possibly my fault for not reading the instructions beforehand. I’ve had a look since and didn’t see how to order smaller amounts of fruit. I also forgot to order my weekend mushrooms, so had poached eggs for breakfast today instead.

We ordered delivery for the 9am-12noon slot, and it arrived at 9.40am. A pleasant young masked man even offered to take the bags through to the kitchen which I declined. Obviously that wouldn’t happen if deliveries needed to be contactless. We’d been warned that because we ordered wine we’d need to show i.d., but when I offered this he said it wasn’t necessary. He could obviously see that I am over 18. The delivery came complete with the usual vouchers and stickers that you get instore.

New World delivery

My one tiny complaint is that I got an email to say “Your delivery from New World Durham Street is on it’s way. ETA 4 minutes”. Their system needs a proof reader who understands apostrophes!

Yesterday’s Press gave a list of what we need to have in stock in preparation for Covid. As well as enough food and medication for 14 days they suggest to cope with Covid symptoms we should have paracetamol, ibuprofen, throat lozenges, ice blocks, electrolytes, and vapour rub. I presume the ice blocks are to soothe a sore throat, and hope the ones we have in our freezer for cool drinks would be suitable. I’ve never sucked an ice block when I’ve had a sore throat, but there’s always a first time. We have paracetamol, throat lozenges, and ice blocks, and think we’ll leave the rest for an online order when we actually need them. I wonder how many people are stocking up on all these things, and whether supplies of electrolytes and vapour rub will run out.

There’s lots for us to think upon
as we prepare for Omicron

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Floral Friday

This lupin is flowering outside our front fence, just behind the green box that holds the connections for the local fibre cables. It’s a brave volunteer, self-sewn from plants inside the fence, and has occasionally been nurtured with worm pee. It demonstrates the kind of tenacity that has enabled its relations to colonise the McKenzie Country.

I actually took the photo on Tuesday, and wondered whether some passer-by might abduct the flower, but it’s still there.

It’s grown up through a footpath crack
where recent sealing has been slack

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