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On the beach this morning we came across an enormous pile of kelp.

There must have been some rough seas to have swept all this lot ashore.

“The tide would surely need some help
to bring together all this kelp.”


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It was just past high tide when we walked on the beach  this morning.  The karate group needed to stand in the water to do their exercises, which must have helped them to keep cool.  We enjoyed our walk and saw many dogs and people appreciating a calmer day.

“All yesterday the wind was wild
today the weather is more mild.”


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We were surprised to find Santa Claus at the beach this morning.  He must have been hot as the temperature was 30 degrees.   The children were pleased to see him.  Apparently these are photo opportunities organised by Kiwisanta.photo.  They would certainly make a lovely family Christmas card.

“With Santa Claus down by the sea
your photo helps save memory.”


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The day was cloudy, the tide was high, and there was just a tiny bit of sun showing on the horizon.

The cloudy sky made the green trees stand out.

“Although the sky was overcast
the sun shone through in gold contrast.”

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Waimairi beach this morning was covered in flotsam and jetsam.  We saw a large number of these creatures:

Do you know what they are?  This one was about 16cm long, and some were only half that size.  The skin looked quite hard.  When we saw them it was a couple of hours before high tide.

“I wonder what this fish could be
washed up there by the briny sea.”


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Two installations caught my eye on the beach today.
This one looks like a hitching post, or maybe a horse:

This one has been carefully edged:

“Creations made from sea-washed wood
caught my attention where they stood.”

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Effort and enterprise had gone into making this shelter above the beach.

It looked suitable for Robinson Crusoe, but there was no sign of any inhabitant.

“You need to climb the dune to reach
this basic shelter on the beach.”

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There were hundreds of people on Waimairi Beach this morning, and the car parks were full.


It was the Junior Life Saving Carnival.  Juniors, aged 7-14, are taught the basic skills they need to feel safe in the surf.  Over 14 they can become eligible to join the beach patrol which is on duty Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday during the summer.  The Waimairi Surf Life Saving Club was established in 1949 and is run entirley by volunteers.

“At this surf club they aim to teach
skills that keep folk safe on the beach.”


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I took my visitors to New Brighton.  The pier was closed in preparation for fireworks, but we were happy to walk on the sand.

New Brighton Pier

New Brighton Pier

Spectacular kites were flying.


We explored the busy seaside market and bought fresh cheap radishes, then stopped for lunch at Hector Cafe, where I enjoyed a stuffed kumara, and we met a pirate.

While some New Brighton shops look sad, the beach and the market are well worth a Saturday visit.

“Those giant kites away up high
look so attractive in the sky.”

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There was a dead baby seal lying on the beach this morning.

dead-seal-smallWith a butterfly yesterday, and a seal today, I’m beginning to wonder what dead creature I shall see tomorrow.

The belief that things come in threes is known as triaphilia.  Some say it’s because three is the first odd prime number (what about 1?) or that it’s related to the Christian trinity.  Apparently our brains like series of three, e.g. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll; Veni, vidi,vici; Friends, Romans, countrymen.

“Things often come in groups of three
no more dead creatures, please, for me.”


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