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Both quads of the Arts Centre are now open, and hosting new sculptures.  I couldn’t find any reference to title or artist for these, but gather they may be the work of fine arts students, and part of the Whakahoki exhibition.

Sculpture in North Quad

Sculpture in South Quad

“These sculptures don’t yet have a name
denying those artists their fame.”




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‘Putahi; tributaries feeding tributaries’ is the title of a new exhibition by Otautahi Korerotia.

Three talented young artists have created works which depict the many social, material, and ecological streams that flow around our community cottage.  Liv Worsnop, a Plant Gangster, led a group who have cared for the green space all over the Avon Loop.

Seeds from the community

Mikaela Marshall observed the various traffics in the area and depicted them within a lightbox.  Phoebe Hinchcliff asked locals to fill in a questionnaire about what community means.  She transferrred the answers into haunting music which plays within the exhibition.

The whole experience is delightful.  The exhibition will be open again on Wednesday evening, May 3rd, between 5 and 8pm, and is well worth a visit.

“These artists took a different view
to show the Loop to me and you.”

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Walking south on Colombo Street I spied this pretty mural with nasturtiums.  The name on it is Filigree, which is a jewellery maufacturer at 447 Colombo Street.

“The sign to advertise their shop
was bound to make this writer stop.”



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Apiarian Art

This mural on the corner of Armagh and Barbadoes Streets might be a plea to halt the decline of honey-bees.

It seems that in Aotearoa, the bees are doing well.  Maybe the exhortations to plant bee-friendly flowers have worked?

“It seems there’s honey in the hive
and locally the bees do thrive.”


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Feline Figures

Cat faces adorn a fence along Stanmore Road.

These are sure to please those of us who like cats.

“These cats that sit upon the fence
might loosen up folk who are tense.”


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This decorative wall is outside the new Justice and Emergency precinct, and very close to where I worked in a temporary office post-earthquake.


It represents a Kakahu (feather cloak) and was made by Auckland artist Lonnie Hutchinson.  More than 1,400 anodised aluminium panels change with the light, and it’s a welcome addition to our central city.

Opening of the Justice and Emergency Precinct has now been delayed until late 2017.

“This lovely wall, made to evoke
the feathers on an ancient cloak.”


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The Awly building on the corner of Armagh and Durham Streets is an interesting addition to our new inner city.  It’s a shame that access is difficult at present due to the tremendous disruption in Durham Street.  The building has a Five Green Star rating, the first in Christchurch to achieve this, post-earthquakes.


The most attractive aspect of the building is its inner courtyard


with a mural by Wayner Youle, sponsored by Meridian, whose new offices are in the building.


You can learn more about the mural here.  A convenience store has opened on the ground floor of the Awly building on the Armagh Street side.


The store will be an asset to this corner of the CBD, once the Durham Street mess is sorted out.  I understand a bakery is to come as well.

“Access right now is rather poorly
with road works all around the Awly.”



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